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In medieval societies in particular, the social order was enforced directly through force of arms. However, in most ancient or medieval worlds, the punishments for getting caught were extreme, so most of the people turning to a life of crime would have to be desperate, viewing crime as a last resort to avoid homelessness or hunger. Trials are often heavily codified in the legal framework.


Often the law is defined by the ruling group, e. Coins whose value is dependent on its metal can be counterfeit by mixing up the metal with some other, less valuable metal, or by using a less valuable core. Magic could also be used to cheat, as well as to catch cheaters. Depending on their situation, they may also need somewhere to go ashore to fix up their ship … or they may just take another. As such, there is no law, just judges trying to figure out the best way to solve a dispute. It seems that there is one update each month. You may wonder how many criminals a city can support. Biological and Cultural Gender The biological gender is commonly determined by having a Y chromosome or not. In modern western society, biological and cultural gender is usually considered the same. In ancient China, the magistrates were responsible for investigating crimes, and Rome had a group of quaesitors that investigated and prosecuted capital crimes. It can even be dependent on the type of court, e. Historically, the task of running the household and performing the house work has been the province of the woman. This could be hand weapons or siege engines. Pregnancy and birth It is difficult to avoid the question of pregnancy. Is it discouraged or even outright illegal for two of the same cultural gender to have a relationship? In either case, a lot of money can be made by smuggling weapons to those who want them, regardless of local law. Loan sharking The basic point is this: Judges, juries, investigators, advocates and so on may be public officials — or may not exist at all. Well, it is not very intimidating if nothing happens. Skills could be anything from sneaking, climbing, picking pockets, swindling or something else. Lying could land you a nasty curse, an eternity in Hell or both! Falsifying documents would most likely require someone experienced with how such documents should look, e. In some instances they may be able to get special considerations from the law, e. There is also an Aptoide app. What is to keep the local ruler from sending an army to execute them? Some scams may not even be illegal. An example could be to use illusions to make witnesses finger the wrong person, or cause witnesses to forget what they saw.


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