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And Article 18 7 would allow authorities with a court order to compel service providers in assisting with the decryption of encoded data, undermining the use of encryption tools as a protection of user privacy. Circumvention software[ edit ] Software applications for circumventing web-blocking are readily available. Blacklisting the website is beneficial for this kind of web censorship as the webmasters would be unaware that their websites are being blocked. Southern insurgency[ edit ] Most sites concerning the violent political situation in Thailand's Muslim south are blocked, specifically those in support of the Patani United Liberation Organisation PULO , a banned group which works for a separate Muslim state, including PULO's appeals to the United Nations for redress.

Www xvideos thiland com

Other video sharing sites such as Metacafe remain blocked however. On 29 April , Wipas Raksakulthai was arrested following a post to his Facebook account allegedly insulting King Bhumibol. FACT's petition is still open for signatures and is actively seeking international support. Prachatai and Pantip have chosen to self-censor, closely monitoring each discussion, in order to remain unblocked. YouTube's parent company, Google, was reported to have agreed to assist MICT in blocking individual videos, thus making the remainder legal to display in Thailand. Thus, lack of IP address is a major oversight. WikiLeaks[ edit ] On 28 June , access to wikileaks. Unlike China 's "Great Firewall" , which censors all Internet traffic including chat conversation via Instant Messaging , Thai Internet users are still able to interact with other users without being censored. However, current policy is to use a system of transparent proxies so that the user receives system, server, TCP and browser error messages when trying to access blocked sites leading the user to believe that the failure is caused in the Internet itself. This measure is said to be used to make unpleasant websites appear unavailable. The fake error message seen in Thailand when attempting to view the king's Wikipedia page can be seen on YouTube. Tor is in use through software including XeroBank Browser formerly Torpark and Vidalia , and a number of other proxied solutions including Proxify , Six-Four, phproxy are also used. Google, at least, has made public a statement that it has no intention of blocking any sites to users in Thailand. The block was later reversed when it was discovered that Camfrog provided a principal means of communication for the handicapped, elderly and shut-ins. The page was prohibited because of the court order. Freenet is another popular solution. Internet and rights activists, have criticized the amendments which they say will adversely affected people's rights and liberties. And Article 18 7 would allow authorities with a court order to compel service providers in assisting with the decryption of encoded data, undermining the use of encryption tools as a protection of user privacy. This makes Midnight University the only legally-protected website in Thailand. There is no judicial review of the CSOC blocklist. Search engine giants, Google and Yahoo! The YouTube site block persisted for nearly five months, despite the fact that the video challenged by MICT was voluntarily deleted by the user who posted it. Several technologies are employed to censor the Internet such as caching , blacklisting domain name or IP address, or simply redirection to a government homepage. Censorship of the Internet in Thailand is currently for website access only. As no advance reading copies or excerpts were made available, these sites were censored based on the book's title alone. If these sites could be identified as being located in Thailand, legal action could be taken against their operators.

Www xvideos thiland com

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