Why does anal sex cause diareha

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Publish, peer review, edit online articles. Treatment Ointment is a common treatment for anal fissures. People with Shigellosis who care for children, the elderly or people who are ill should not go to work until the infection is cleared.

Why does anal sex cause diareha

Hi, Welcome to icliniq. A doctor may prescribe this medication if healing is slower than expected. Try to overcome your embarrassment and see your doctor if the diarrhea does not go away in the next day or two. Treatment Shigellosis can be treated with antibiotics. Does she have fever and chills? Likely it is not related to anal sex because it is not a common complication of anal sex and also bacterias will not proliferate so fast to give you diarrhea in the next morning itself. Itching - in the anal area. You are suffering from acute gastroenteritis. Anal fissures in infants commonly bleed. Please give me some more information. Did she have the diarrhea before or after starting Norflox Norfloxacin and Zolerab combination of Rabeprazole and Domperidone? Muscle spasms may also undermine the healing process. If you get a fever , that could suggest infection that would need specific treatment. Many cases of proctitis are treated successfully with medication and lifestyle changes. Hello doctor, We both are 30 year old couple and we have been planning for a baby for more than a year. It is very possibly just coincidental but there could be some relaxation of the anal sphincter but this seems very unlikely with a single act of anal sex and in that case I would think you would find general incontinence; not specifically diarrhea loose, watery stool. It is the most common cause of rectal bleeding in babies and children. Publish, peer review, edit online articles. It also helps prevents dehydration from frequent, loose stools. If the patient is suffering from constipation, a laxative may be prescribed. You need to have medicines for this, like antibiotics tablet Norflox TZ Norfloxacin mg two times a day for five days along with some antacid like tablet Pantoprazole 40 mg or Rabeprazole 20 mg once a day before breakfast for five days. Exercise - regular exercise can reduce the risk of developing constipation, resulting in less risk of anal fissures. It heals slowly, as it gets irritated repeatedly during the bowel movement. Is my diarrhea not going away because i had anal sex or is it some other reason. You may be intolerant to lactose. She does not have any pain while motion and also there is no blood or white mucus in the stool.

Why does anal sex cause diareha

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