Why did god make women so beautiful

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It only makes sense that women would be attracted to that on a purely physical level. Later that day, I gobbled up my new magazine. Heaven is your eternal home and you are astounding in unearthly beauty.

Why did god make women so beautiful

Alex October 31, at 1: In fact our society is trying to push women to be more like men in their sexuality. Plus, they women need a powerful motivation to remain monogamous. With your life surrendered to Jesus you sparkle with radiance that Rodeo Drive wishes it had! But as for me, I will always have hope; I will praise you more and more. I was not culturally influenced. A number orb them I discovered years later with the same guy as I did. Very interesting, I thought to myself. But would respectfully submit to you that you are in the minority of women if you are like a man and are driven more by visual than emotional wiring when it comes to attraction. I had just feasted on a five-course meal that served up the best of Hollywood, yet I was still starving. She loves to praise and worship her God. How about a deal? Today it is hard to talk too a woman that likes to Curse at us men for No Reason at all when you try to Strike up a Normal Conversation with them which this has happened to me. Visit Jacqueline at www. More youth articles on CBN. The more you sit at His feet, the more His image will be seen in you. How can anyone look at a woman and man and say they are completely equal? As for visually vs. You belong to the Most High God. It is not just a cultural thing — the typical man has the God given ability to compartmentalize his emotions — most women do not have that ability. Everyone knew the Emperor was actually completely naked, yet everyone had to pretend he had clothes, this is no different. April 3, at Women having more fat and less muscle? As His daughter you live by another standard than one Hollywood and the fashion magazines portray. It is very Obvious why our Family Members were very Blessed to find Real Love in those days since it was a Totally Different Time than today since many of Family Members now are still together today as i speak.

Why did god make women so beautiful

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