Whats feisty

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Other words carry a compliment and an unwelcome sideswipe at the same time. Pierce, Village Voice, 10 Mar. Mature adults resist taking pointless offence. And sometimes gay men, revealing its user as a sexist homophobe.

Whats feisty

In certain parts of the United States, most notably the South, the noun feist pronounced to rhyme with heist refers to a small dog used in hunting small game animals such as squirrels. Those who are "jolly" or "jovial" are more often pot-bellied than stick-thin. A widespread habit of lightly taking offence can be a burden on everyone. And sometimes gay men, revealing its user as a sexist homophobe. Pierce, Village Voice, 10 Mar. The guide goes on to quote Michael Geis, author of the Language of Politics: Harvard is currently seeking to rename the faculty members who oversee student halls because their traditional title — house masters — reminds some of slavery. In any case, it always pays to choose words well. She's outrageous and hilarious, daring to say exactly what she and millions of other women really think … — Donna Seaman, Booklist, 15 May … Milwaukee was the last major industrial city to elect a Socialist mayor—Frank P. Steven Pinker, a psychologist and language scholar at Harvard, tweeted drily that: And if there is a compliment that black Americans resent above all, it is "articulate", which is heard carrying a note of surprise. Mature adults resist taking pointless offence. Zeidler, a feisty octogenarian who teaches today at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee … — Charles P. In fact, because of the word's feminine associations, it can be especially condescending to a man, belittling and feminising at the same time. On one hand, some insults are clearly real — a student from California being asked where she is "really" from, because of an Asian-American face. How the Democrats avoided disaster in California," 6 June Today the feisty furball speeds across the yard to meet curious admirers and enjoys a good back scratch once he's finished showing off his lightning-fast agility. For an unmixed compliment, try "passionate" or "outspoken". It makes speakers and writers scour their minds for original and arresting language — a good thing in itself. View all announcements Rounding out the top 10 words following "feisty little", intriguingly, are "Irishman" and "bastard". Flounce A word so feminine it conjures up lace petticoats. This closes the case on whether you should call anyone "feisty", and especially a woman, if you want to pay a sincere compliment. Also spelled fice or fyce, it comes from an obsolete term, "fisting hound," that derived from another obsolete term, fist, a verb that once meant "to break wind. On the other hand, two sociologists, Bradley Campbell and Jason Manning, argued in a paper published in that a "culture of victimhood" is replacing the "culture of dignity". PR Often used to describe dogs. Those who are "spry" are not just lively, but "lively for their advanced age".

Whats feisty

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  1. Hysterical Just one of a number of terms including emotional, irrational and shrill, all essentially meaning the same thing:

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