What does intentive mean

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They argue that advanced cognitive abilities are derived from the tendency to cooperate and engage in collaborative activities e. End or aim; the object to be accomplished. This was demonstrated in a study by Heider and Simmel; [51] they had observers view videos of moving triangles, and found that participants tended to attribute intentions and even personality traits to the shapes based on their movements. It was originally suspected that such foundational cognitive skills leading to advanced social understanding lie in the human ability to understand another's intention. The proposed connective chain is that desire causes intention, which causes action, which causes outcome.

What does intentive mean

Their intentions to perform the action appear to derive from attitudes, subjective norms, and perceived behavioral control. The theories of Reasoned Action and Planned Behavior are comprehensive theories that specify a limited number of psychological variables that can influence behavior, namely a intention; b attitude toward the behavior; c subjective norm; d perceived behavioral control; and e behavioral, normative and control beliefs. Intention is also necessary to understand and predict the plans and future actions of others. Not surprisingly, in most studies, intention is driven by attitudes to a greater extent than by subjective norms. Primarily, a stretching or bending of the mind towards an object; hence, uncommon exertion of the intellectual faculties; closeness of application; fixedness of attention; earnestness. Infants who saw unsuccessful attempts at a target act and infants who saw the target act imitated the act at a higher rate than infants who saw neither the act nor an attempt. Further research has aimed to test whether infants are simply inclined to look in the direction of head movements, without any real understanding of another individual's psychological state. A basic ability to comprehend other people's intentions based on their actions is critical to the development of theory of mind. The development of the ability to use gestures and object-directed actions in social situations has been studied from numerous perspectives, including the embodiment perspective and the social-cognitive perspective. The state of being strained. This makes the question of effort a little tricky. Intentions come from inside, whereas goals are external. Then, a transitional gesture develops in which the individual reaches toward the object when it is desired as a cue to another to retrieve it. Thus, pointing is an example of the internalization process that occurs over a long series of developmental events. Much of behavior is caused by intentions, and understanding intentions helps to interpret these behaviors. A study by Bates, Camaioni and Volterra [34] distinguished between imperative and declarative gestures. Research on biological motion has found cells in the primate superior temporal polysensory area STP that respond specifically to biological motion. He was miserable to all intents and purposes. It is possible that the pointing exhibited by other species is different in purpose and origin from the pointing said to be indicative of a developing psychological understanding. An intention cannot fail, because it happens right now. For example, the use of symbols requires the ability to understand another's action and attention on an entity in the world. This word is nearly superseded by attentive. The next factor is the subjective norms around you. Gaze and attentional acts[ edit ] Research suggests that faces are pivotal in offering social cues necessary for children's cognitive, language, and social development. Biological motion and inferring intention[ edit ] Neuroimaging research suggests that biological motion is processed differently from other types of motion. Literally, the stretching of the mind towards an object; hence, a design; a purpose; intention; meaning; drift; aim; applied to persons or things.

What does intentive mean

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