Virtual crossdressing

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IBM senior architect Peter Finn attended a virtual meeting Friday in which two people, out of thirty, had opposite gender avatars. Meanwhile, she said, casual crossdressing at in physical work places by non-transgender employees is not an issue. So far, nobody has asked for different genders. The fictional character is more beloved than I could ever dream of.

Virtual crossdressing

IBM senior architect Peter Finn attended a virtual meeting Friday in which two people, out of thirty, had opposite gender avatars. In , IBM was among the first major companies to add sexual orientation to its U. In Second Life, he appears as Jessica Qin, a pale blonde with dramatic makeup. Corporate Planners also creates avatars for clients. The laws do not cover casual crossdressing by non-transgender employees, however. It makes sense for companies to embrace best practices in this area, whether or not they have employees in jurisdictions that already have these laws on the books. But as business in the virtual worlds continues to grow, the gender and identity boundaries are only going to be pushed further. His boss was a woman he knew in real life who was running the virtual store, and was aware of his gender-bending — in fact, he was logging in as her female avatar when he was on the sales floor. Vendors that provide a level playing field in their workplaces for GLBT employees. Finn also added that other countries may have more inclusive human rights laws, protecting both transgender individuals and crossdressers from discrimination. A company can require that employees present themselves in a consistent and professional manner while at work and make clear who they are, she said, but can also decide to be flexible on this issue. Mara And transgender employees should certainly be allowed to express their new gender online, she said. For example, in many jurisdictions, a company may not discriminate against employees who are in the process of changing their gender, or who have already done so. In a white paper addressed to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender customers , the company wrote: For example, when organizing a conference, he and his staffers will create avatars for everyone who plans to attend with a conservative business appearance. As a result, companies are allowed to insist that employees have avatars that reflect their offline identities, or to comply with the same dress code that is in place for physical workplaces. Or the avatars can be customized to a limited degree — with just hair color and hair length, for example, he said. And their user names are composed of their real names, combined with the company name. In real life, however, he is a happy married father of two children. Some companies and employees pick avatars that reflect their real identities — but other avatars are fantastical, whimsical, or gender-bending. His female avatar is a bubbly, buxom blonde with many friends — and a better track record in virtual sales than his usual glum male self. So far, nobody has asked for different genders. And have openly GLBT staff working with customers. His advice for other job seekers: However, many companies, including IBM, are taking a more progressive approach and allowing employees more flexibility with how they express themselves, including changing genders in an online environment.

Virtual crossdressing

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