Vintage british movie posters

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Lieberman is the owner and founder of CineMasterpieces. The original release posters for the first Star Wars movie will continue to appreciate as the already low supply is diminishing. His skill is apparent in this poster: These posters were part of a series issued by the Empire Marketing Board to promote British products. Mont Blanc and Chamonix are very popular skiing destinations, which makes this poster even more attractive for winter sports enthusiasts.

Vintage british movie posters

Lieberman is the owner and founder of CineMasterpieces. The travel time from London to India would be 7 days, which was an unheard of speed at that time. Posters from the U. No matter what your taste, we have something for you. As time passes, these original World War One posters increase in their scarcity and become more collectable. Due to its use of emotional blackmail from an initial idea of the printer Arthur Gunn who reportedly imagined himself as the father depicted, although he joined the Westminster Volunteers after Lumley's sketch of the scene in , this poster has become one of the most well known recruitment posters of the period. CineMasterpieces does not sell cheap reproductions. We offer a huge variety of select investment quality Original Movie Posters from some of the most memorable films of all time. Our clients are worldwide and include design professionals, home theater companies, Hollywood celebrities, memorabilia dealers, collectors, and non-collectors. Always seeking quality consignments. This striking design will resonate well with both interior decorators and collectors. His posters are hard to find and have a dedicated collector base. Disney's acquisition of the franchise will ensure that the fan base will increase with more film sequels. The Ensign plane depicted in this poster could carry 27 passengers during the day; at night, the seats would be converted into beds and the plane could only carry 20 people on board. London and its famous Zoo hold a timeless appeal for those who live and lived in London as well as for visitors. His skill is apparent in this poster: We have an open and easy return policy so you can buy from us with confidence. Your source for the world's finest selection of vintage original movie posters. CineMasterpieces is always buying! This rare piece would hold its value well, given the strong buyer base in California and worldwide. The Kodak ad is an extra bonus for photography buffs. This great Art Deco design depicts speed records on land, water, rail and air. From the early 's up until today. If you have posters to sell please call or send us a message. This poster features artwork by Savile Lumley

Vintage british movie posters

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  1. Our Star Wars poster collection is second to none, and you definitely don't want to miss our huge archive of vintage James Bond posters.

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