Ugly mma fighters

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His continued to do well for himself in the UFC but this look he is going for is just out of control. Randy Coutures Ears espn. Jeff Monson - Heavyweight Jeff Monson looks like an overgrown bouncer.

Ugly mma fighters

Watching him fight will change your mind. Randy Coutures Ears espn. If you want to discuss this post or just plain tell me who you think should have been on here, hit me up on twitter dubulator30 Ring Kings Contributor Cody White. Just like Antonio Silva, he has an overly large head, but I guess the chicks dig that. That being said, please no one tell him I said this because he has one mean right cross. The whole corn row California kid look died 15 years ago, so let it go. With his antics, smack talk, and crazy behavior during his fights — we was able to gather a nice following. He just looks like he was born to be a fighter. To start of his chin looks like it went through a meat grinder and a back alley surgeon tried to fix it. Wanderlei Silva - Middleweight Wanderlei Silva used to look like a normal Brazilian during the days of Pride FC, but after his numerous battles — his face suffered. Silva is another extremely large athlete who turned his rage into wins in MMA. His career is one that is Hall of fame worthy but he shows it with the sacrifice of not looking like a human being. His face either during a fight or three months after looks like it has been used as a punching bag by all his friends. The twins are part of that camp. The twins are part of that camp. Fixed with all the tattoos you can think of and a thick ass skull, he just looks big. There is no doubt in my mind that every single one of the fighters in this list would undoubtedly beat the crap out of me in a split second but, none-the-less, this is my list of the top 10 ugliest MMA fighters of all time. If you do, even Tim will run after me to make the list. To have a closer look check out this close up. Big Country Roy Nelson mikelucassports. He actually had surgery to remove some of the tissue on his face and he even reconstructed his nose so he can breathe easier. A very intimidating guy for being so small, he already had the ugly going for him then decided on a bunch of random tattoos all over his body. He is someone that truly just looks scary. The fight game can be ugly and that goes along with the fighters. He actually to me looks like an alien from another galaxy with his always swollen face, ever gross ears and the worlds most crooked nose. With his gold front teeth to his untamed fro like hair, he looks like a homeless man who likes to fight and happened to be in front of some promoters. The dean of mean Keith Jardine www.

Ugly mma fighters

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