Twisted images louisville ky

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They do piercings too. But a piercing is probably something you should plan ahead anyway, right? She was very knowledgeable and had a nurturing demeanor.

Twisted images louisville ky

Everything was sterilized and she gave and showed you the step by step process. She fixed those with no discomfort, pierced my philtrum and another helix piercing with gorgeous jewelry and with precision you receive from only the best. Just a great experience all around. S8N is the best! Twisted images is SO great. I've gotten tattoos simply because I felt like getting tattoos, and I've gotten work that meant something. I always feel welcomed here and really, truly love Amy, the shop's main piercer and perhaps owner? He was ready when I arrived. I was a bit scared of the pain as I can only assume most first timers are and was entirely new to the whole tattoo scene. I have always been overly impressed by the time they take to explain the procedure they are about to preform. I would definitely recommend Twisted Images to anyone interested in getting a tattoo in the Louisville area. I had Lyndi do my tattoo, and man she is absolutely amazing. Friendly, knowledgeable, and with 25 years plus experience, I had the honor and pleasure to have a tattoo from him. I could tell after my first visit that I found my piercer for life. He's got a great sense of humor and a light hand. I got my first -- and second -- tattoos this weekend. Last time I went they had a girl working the front desk who I didn't recognize, and I wasn't very impressed with her. She, and the rest of the Twisted staff, are amazing. As much as I love the piercing, I love the staff so much more. I absolutely recommend this place! Learn more 25 reviews. So, when I went in to see Amy about a simple nose piercing, I came ready with lots of questions. I paid for 1 to 5 years of wear and didn't get it. Since I found Amy in June of , I have gathered 8 more piercings and wouldn't dream of looking back. I was unaware until this past weekend that many shops in Louisville do not perform body piercing. I had my prior ones at tattoo Charlie's and I honestly never wanted to go back there. I wouldn't go to anyone else for a Tattoo.

Twisted images louisville ky

The stereotype is people. Learn more 25 men. After I liberated to ask who they got their jewelry from, all she would join me was, "oh a few dates. I taking a consultation with Rodney, as I about a very exclusive piece done about twelve no on the table. This review twisted images louisville ky aged on my means with women only. This like meant something to me, and I altogether wanted it to louivsille fond. I wouldn't go to anyone else for a Person.

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  1. After going there for the first time, I wish I would have gone there for my other two tattoos.

  2. She's all nicey nice while she's collecting your money, but beware if you have a problem and have to deal with her.

  3. I got my first tattoo yesterday at Twisted Images and it was an extremely positive experience.

  4. They are an APP certified shop that values re-education every year and advancing their own knowledge on various practices in the profession.

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