Top ten love songs

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It is one of the top country love songs of all time because it has a little bit of everything—nostalgia, everlasting love and family bonding. Lines like "Would you tremble if I touched your lips? Lewis gave us the anthem for eternal devotion in , on her album Now in a Minute.

Top ten love songs

The inspiration was his wife, Annie, who is the envy of everyone who listens to this heartfelt folk tune. This rock classic off their famous Abbey Road album was penned by George Harrison for his wife, Pattie. It's all about staying in love, even when you're apart, and falling head over heels every time you meet again. Listening to this poignant indie tune leaves you with a dull ache in your chest and a lump in your throat. However, it also deals with the topic of loving someone so much that they would just warm you up and breathe you in, which is pretty heavy. Most people remember this from Robin Hood: The lyrics are full of imagery and tell the autobiographical tale of a young woman falling in love with an older man. It has doo-wop nuances, making it one of her more cheerful ballads. However, this rock love song from their album I Might Be Wrong is a notable exception, with lyrics like: It remained at the top of the charts for four weeks straight before it went on to win a Grammy Award. It lives up to its name by taking your breath away and recreating the euphoria of new love. Breaking Dawn-Part 1 soundtrack. Hearts melt when Steve Perry's golden chords belt out: It was originally penned by Jennifer Rush for her boyfriend Steven, but Dion's breathtaking vocal range brings it to life. It speaks to anyone who has found true love for the very first time, and the guitar solo is sure to pluck at your heartstrings. It earned a spot on four different music charts: There are a variety of versions floating around, but this particular one was immortalized in the film Ghost. Apparently, he penned it while she was getting ready for a party. They have since divorced, but the country ballad is still a wedding staple. Everyone wants to hear their sweetheart utter these words: With a tickle of the ivories and honest lyrics, Ben tells the tale of finding your soulmate, and fate leading you to love. This love song is from the Interstate 8 album and features a duet that immediately transports the listener back to simpler times. It has appeared on a variety of different shows, including Grey's Anatomy. It earned Bareilles a Grammy nomination and kept her in the Billboard Hot charts for 41 weeks. It remained in the charts for over two years in the United Kingdom, and appeared on numerous TV shows. The song first appeared on Dion's album Let's Talk About Love, but the blockbuster hit made it an instant classic. Prince of Thieves soundtrack, but it is also featured on the Waking Up the Neighbors album.

Top ten love songs

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  1. It tells the story of meeting someone and remembering everything about the first encounter. Lewis released it just after winning the third season of the hit UK television show, The X Factor, and it spent months on the radio airwaves.

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