Stronger marriage podcast

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When your'e always serious its hard to have fun in marriage. We'll we take out the food and insert what a successful relationship pyramid should look like, the base, the center and the top. We can crush with our tone, as well as our words, and the damage lingers for a very long time.

Stronger marriage podcast

What a good question, because we are sure no one wants to replaced in marriage. God is so good. Grief will happen in marriage with the loss of someone special, and how we respond and grieve with our spouse is so important. You use to run your schedule but now it just feels like your schedule is running you. We don't hit on all the lessons so we suggest reading the blog with your spouse and see what clicks with you. Listen in your favorite app Available on 9 platforms For The Ladies: Because how do we win at a game that doesn't have a scoreboard, time frame, clear rules? An easy way to understand yourself more and your spouse more is by taking a personality test. It's a great date night idea and will have you guys engaging in fun conversation and getting to know each other better. God gave me my spouse to make my holy, then happy in that order. My kids need to see me show affection to my wife in word and deed. Or think that vacations are for lazy people? Maybe you made too many commitments, working too much overtime, not sure how to say "no" to people without hurting someones feelings? I am a big fan of Licensed, Professional, Christian Counseling. I must carefully but diligently remind my children that our marriage comes before them. We believe this will help you have better conversations with your spouse that will build a stronger marriage. How to come in with a heart check, loving attitude that isn't about what you can get out of the conversations but what you can do to serve your spouse and the relationship. Today we want to help you take back your schedule, learn to say no and defeat the myth of busyness. In these weeks podcast we are going to explain why Crucial Conversations are so important in your marriage and then our next podcast will dive into how to have a crucial conversation with your spouse. Show more love to you and the family? Take a listen for some tips and here are some resources to get you going. Learn from Pastor Mike and Julie how to support a grieving spouse in our latest podcast. Do we know what crucial conversations are? Welcome to The Married Life When your'e always serious its hard to have fun in marriage.

Stronger marriage podcast

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