Stockport iowa

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During the winter one of the Indian girls died and was buried on this bluff with all the Indian traditions. Like many other early settlers they had no worldly possession on arriving here, but, through thrift and economy they were able to give each of their eight children a farm of 80 acres on which to establish their new homes. His mental, spiritual, physical and social—all four of these can be properly developed in our little town. They were followed by Yost and Workman and then Workman Bros. Beswick moved to Winchester, where they expect to spend their last days.

Stockport iowa

The chickens were brought into Stockport by Model T's and two large Republic trucks from within a radius of 50 miles. A large number of hog houses were made of the larger hollow brick. I am supposed to talk on Stockport, the youngest town in the county, but before commencing on that subject, I want to give you a little of my family history, thus showing that I am really entitled to be an old settler. She said, "He never grew any until I dropped him in the creek on the way out here. Many local people would have been without work had it not been for the hatchery. Davidson, funeral director, and sold to Cora and Lawrence. Expansion was still on the way and they bought a large building east of the old Brewer Hotel from John Schulz. Harlan and the other to Ben McClellan, an old settler. There was generally a store in connection with the post office. The railroad had established a station at McVeigh and Longview and Shelman shipped hogs out of McVeigh for awhile but the people who owned the land in these villages would not sell lots so both failed to develop and the depot was moved from Longview to Stockport. Harlan had run a store in Wilsonville, and the new store at the crossroads thrived. Some of them left their display and from then on people wanted to donate antiques and thus, that is the reason for the many buildings. Formerly, Harry Pulsipher occupied it for a sales barn, and William White as a garage. Such were the conditions Jan. Floyd remembers going down to watch the men building the railroad switch. Just a few years ago, class rooms were added on the west. Fordyce and his wife's brother took care of them even though they had the dreaded cholera. They arrived back just as the train was ready to pull out. Silver's grandfather has told him that she could look out from the house and see a continual line of them. It was located where Stan Johnson's Texaco station is now. William Parnitske was a Dutchman who had been in business at Utica. There is a year-old rope bed brought from Indiana by the Anna Watson family; a trundle bed, belonging to Henry and Jane Mark Morris; steel-yards, which were the property of Samuel Veatch, brought from Connersville, Indiana; two large copper kettles with apple stirrers, one belonging to Edgar R. Besides the social activities of the school Page 5 - History of Stockport and the churches we have clubs and lodges galore, good class of movies twice a week, kitten ball, baseball and basketball for those athletically inclined. So on this farm they started their new home and here I was born in Nov. It is now known as the Women's Society of Christian Service. Schulz is a granddaughter of Philip R.

Stockport iowa

Stockport's first principle—a subscription school of 5 dates was organized in with Mrs. They were followed by Yost and Doing and then Paradigm Bros. Floyd hobbies, "I did the direction and Sherm grown me up. A opening was brought in Pickard, our suprintendent, first being the 8th rage, then was uncontrolled to the ordinary. stockport iowa

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  1. Page 11 - History of Stockport The spacious audience room, 30x40 ft. Beswick and his two brothers, each living in a different state, had the honor of naming a town after their birthplace, Stockport, England.

  2. Phil pulled out a roll of bills and counted out the needed amount. Our railway service appealed to him so he was persuaded to move his store to our community.

  3. The doctor started out with a horse and sleigh but on the way the sleigh upset, so the doctor unhitched and rode the horse.

  4. Mention must be made of the fact that the Silver Hatchery was operating during the darkest days of the Great Depression and jobs were so hard to come by. Like many other early settlers they had no worldly possession on arriving here, but, through thrift and economy they were able to give each of their eight children a farm of 80 acres on which to establish their new homes.

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