Stages after a break up

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You are holding up your end of the breakup because you have to, not because you want to. Anger can be just the motivation we need to add the bite back our fierceness and wake us from the sadness that has been weighing us down. We are obsessed with them: They are infinitely patient, and will wait.

Stages after a break up

But you have to keep going forward. This is understandable if you take into account that the majority of the emotional turmoil is caused by the excruciating over-thinking process and the inner conflict of wanting them back. What do I do now? Do you have difficulties performing your daily duties? Do you often wish that you just could lie down and die … or at least sleep the whole day? Walk through them, own them, what does not kill us makes us stronger, dearest one! And recovering from a breakup, is a process. Who the hell is this person? This is the last phase, the last step you have to take. When you are here, then you have made it. Have you learned what to expect from a future relationship? You fixate on things your ex said at various times that you see as contradicting the breakup, and you hold onto them now as if they are gospel. Do you think that your Ex was close to perfect? It finds a way to push through any seal. Once you have done the work to consciously let go of your Ex, you can move to the next stage … moving on to a new life. The war is over. Have you released all anger toward yourself and your Ex? And THIS is a huge accomplishment. Follow up your acceptance with actions that match. Or believe that you are alone. Not even a tweet! You pushed through the pain and through all different kinds of emotions. The overall timing of the break up process, is different for everyone. Every step has its own purpose and benefit, and by knowing where you are, you can take the appropriate measures and avoid the common mistakes. If you are not so sure if you will ever feel hope again… start by believing, that I believe. Contain the overthinking process to a bare minimum.

Stages after a break up

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  1. Resentment will kill the opportunities of new love that awaits us. Do you start to have a clear idea about why the relationship failed?

  2. Denial gives us time and space to gather our strength for something we know we must face very soon. Hope still exists somewhere inside your heart, you will access it more and more as you continue to allow some meaningful distance between you and your ex.

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