Speed buggy theme song

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The Valley of the Dinosaurs ran for new episodes from September to December in It was sacred time for the kid to rejuvenate from their school week and get lost in the world of animated fun. Complete series is available on DVD.

Speed buggy theme song

They were assisted on their cases by Tracey a gorilla who drove their old beat up jalopy of a car. With his sidekick, the practical Boo Boo, always at his side, Yogi was always getting into some sort of shenanigans. After its original run, CBS included reruns of Speed Buggy in their children-oriented television blocks, it was broadcast from February 4, to September 2, and September 18, to January 29, Starred Larry Storch as Spencer and Forrest Tucker as Kong as two bumbling detectives whose cases usually always turned out to have something to do with ghosts and haunted places. The third and final live action segment on the Super Show for the first season. One of these was Valley of the Dinosaurs, which only received 13 episodes that were rerun for a second season. Tucker and Storch sang the theme song to the series. The one thing never really explained in the series is how Square Bear could kick start an invisible motorcycle when the guys needed a quick means of escape. Became a stand alone series in Equally determined to prevent them from having any kind of fun is zoo director Eustace P. Jay Robinson was Dr. They spent their days studying the dinosaurs and having harrowing run-ins with the more vicious of the lot. By placing a magic horn onto the car, it could transform into the wonderful Wonderbug. The show focused on realistic topics like adopting a stray dog, being blamed for things you didn't do, overcoming your fears. The character's names had been picked from the Bible and the series was inspired by the story of Noah's Ark from the book of Genesis. Each week, Rick would contact the kids on a gramophone in their classroom and Miss Tickle, with help from her magic cat, Tut Tut, would draw a door on the chalkboard in her classroom and off into Rick's world they would go. Glory loves sharing her memories of the cool and not so cool 70 cartoons that aired on Saturday mornings during her childhood. When Smurfette realizes that the Smurfs are her friends, she chooses to become a full-fledged Smurf, with Papa Smurf wielding the magic that turns her into the prettier version of her former self. Original show was 90 minutes in length, but was eventually pared down to 60 minutes. The show was 30 minutes long and broken down into segments each about 6 minutes in length. Hanna-Barbera hilariously and somewhat presciently envisioned a world where computers did everything for us. The series aired for 17 episodes. The second season went into episodic format and proved to be less popular with audiences. I guess it might not have been on the air long enough for the writers to have gotten that far into explaining things. Working at his deserted island lair, he had invented a shrinking ray. Captain Caveman Disappoints TV Guide When TV Guide was studying 27 different cartoon shows to determine their educational value, their panel of experts could find "no redeeming values" associated with the series.

Speed buggy theme song

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