Signs of jealousy in friendship

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She is probably thinking about how successful and amazing you are and she just wants to be in your shoes. So, how do you really know if your friend is jealous of you? Did you start lifting weights and suddenly your friend has an interest in bodybuilding?

Signs of jealousy in friendship

When the Jealous One is You Have you ever been the "jealous friend"? For example, a common one is that you've become too arrogant or "cocky," or that you've "changed" somehow after your latest accomplishment. Do they treat you nicer than usual in a weird way? For example, if they're struggling to lose weight, but you're very fit and you try to offer advice, it might backfire. Maybe they feel that you were lucky and that they're hopeless. Saying that you acquired these things through luck might be their way of making themselves feel better for not having them. Do they never seem to celebrate your victories? They won't say, "Ha! Do they try to find flaws in everything that you're doing in order to get a rise out of you? Does your friend hate you for no particular reason after you experienced a positive change in your life? She humiliates you in front of others For some reason, she wants you to feel bad when you are with her. They may feel that your success is just a constant reminder of their failure, and that by giving them advice you're rubbing it in their face. What are the signs of a jealous friend? This makes it extra hard to address. Or maybe they'll mention that some people have gotten malaria from the mosquitoes that live around the area. Does it seem like every time you mention something great that you've done, your friend counters it with another friend of theirs who has done it better? You get the picture. She will want to look better than you, she will want to have a better job or more friends than you. Not only that, but the fact that you're moving forward might actually put them in a bad mood. Are there some obvious signs that can tell you that your friendship is not as strong as it used to be? Does it seem like every time you do something fun or accomplish something new, your friend has to run out and do the same thing--or something better? For example, if you're making more money now, do they criticize you for going to a fancy restaurant or taking a nice vacation? You just have to wait until they get over it--if they ever do. This can happen when you're dealing with jealous people. She is probably thinking about how successful and amazing you are and she just wants to be in your shoes. Even if you considered her a best friend for a long time, maybe it is time to change your mind and be more careful when choosing your friends. If you see that she is avoiding you, not just for a couple of days but longer than that, you can be sure that she has a problem with you, so the best thing to do would be to talk to her about what is bothering her.

Signs of jealousy in friendship

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