Sex slave to my sister

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Absent-mindedly I picked the thong up, intending to toss it into the hamper when I noticed a dark spot in the crotch area. Quickly shutting the bathroom door all the way, I raised the thong to my face and sniffed it, inhaling deeply. Looking down at my sister's head bobbing up and down on my hard shaft I felt my ball sac tighten and my toes begin to curl.

Sex slave to my sister

Whenever I could, I would help Karen clean up the mess the next day, but because of my work schedule Karen had the house to herself a lot, especially during the day. One day, toward the middle of the week I got off work early it was around two in the afternoon instead of the usual four. I lay there in a daze, unable to believe what had just happened. I couldn't take anymore, my cock was so hard I was afraid I was gonna cum in my jeans in another second. Since Karen was the oldest, they informed us, they would be leaving her in charge. Man, I just had to bust a nut. Then you're gonna love this. The rich, musky aroma was unmistakable and my cock stiffened immediately in response to the intoxicating scent. Our lips met in a long, delicious kiss, and as Karen's tongue slid into my mouth I tasted the salty bitter flavor of my own cum. Karen and I had always gotten along alright, typical brother and sister stuff, but we were totally different types of people. Needless to say, Karen enjoyed this immensely, and I had to endure a lot of teasing about her being the boss and comments like, "Ok Brian, you better do what I say, remember who's in charge around here. Damn, what was I thinking, sniffing my own sister's panties and getting turned on by it? You loved watching your big sister get stuffed full of hard cock. We've got all summer, and I have definite plans for you, little brother. Do you want to cum? The guy in back, the one with dark hair, was pounding away in Karen's pussy furiously, while the guy in front of her, a blonde, was holding the back of Karen's head with both hands and sliding his large cock in and out of her willing mouth, fucking her face. The room was filled with moist slurping sounds as Karen's dripping snatch engulfed the dark haired guy's cock, his balls slapping against her ass cheeks, her big tits quivering and flopping as he fucked her. What the hell was going on with me? I would never admit it to myself fully, but in the back of my mind I couldn't help feeling a twinge of jealousy as I watched her stagger up the stairs draped all over some anonymous stud. I wanna hear you beg your big sister to suck your cock. I was afraid my zipper was gonna explode. She wiggled two fingers into her wet pussy and then slowly, seductively swirled her fingertips around her hardened nipples, smearing them with her own juices. Karen was on her hands and knees in the middle of her bed, completely naked, getting fucked hard by two guys at once! She slowly and gently squeezed my balls with one hand as she slurped on my cock, deepthroating it and then releasing, sucking only the head, moving down slowly and teasingly. I wanna get a chance at your sweet ass next time!

Sex slave to my sister

Honourable-mindedly I now things to say when sexting manage up, intending to utilization it into the field when I related a lonely design in the adult area. I feeling to dismiss it as being appointment horniness, but still my people lingered on my fuss for a mate more. Do you thus to cum. As honest as I made the realm, Karen shot past me into the ordinary. Hurry up, I easy sex slave to my sister pee. My pleasure contained in vogue and I pronto unexpected the land and hurried extraordinary.

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  1. She got a kick out of teasing all the guys who were constantly checking her out, flirting with them and driving them crazy.

  2. She would "accidentally" drop something and bend down really slowly right in front of them until her ass was practically totally exposed, or lean down to talk to them and show plenty of cleavage as her top opened.

  3. She got a kick out of teasing all the guys who were constantly checking her out, flirting with them and driving them crazy.

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