Sex in the shower with condom

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Somehow, even if you are extra careful, sand ends up lodged… places. In other words, consider it a warm-up: Less lubrication means more friction, and that means stress on your condom and her urethra, which can lead to infection. The problem with pool sex is the chlorinated water rushing in and out of your lady, which can cause damage and infection.

Sex in the shower with condom

Oil-based ones weaken the latex and could put holes in your condom. Having sex underwater — or "submerged" sex — is simply not a good idea, especially for women. In fact, water sex can be pretty dangerous for many reasons. That is not only nerve-racking but also awkward for everyone involved. With shower sex , you get the pleasure of being wet, without the chance of too much water entering private areas. In The Bathroom For the shower: For safety purposes, invest in some anti-slip stickers for the floor. Here are some ways to get wet and wild without going below the surface. Going public with your plan is out of the question, so stick close to home on this one. And since reported HIV cases among Singapore citizens continue to rise it has more than doubled from in to in , this is a must-know: And don't forget, if water sex is too much of a hassle, consider water foreplay instead. Instead, consider starting things off in the water, but then heading to dry land for the main course. Lou Paget, author of The Great Lover Playbook, recommends doing everything in the shower except intercourse, to avoid any nasty spills. If your tub is small, you could have trouble in the missionary position. But the best part about using lube in the bedroom: In other words, consider it a warm-up: The worst part about lake or ocean or beach sex is the sand factor. Perhaps a nude soak in the hot tub, a soapy scrub-down in the shower, or a late-night skinny-dip in a lake. But, still, using one beats having zero protection. Your best bet is to use a silicone lubricant , one that's not water-soluble and will make penetration a lot more comfortable for both of you. Plus, you should be a fairly decent swimmer if you fool around in a lake or the ocean. A good alternative is oral sex. Staying Sexy But Safe While having sex in water is slippery fun, you still have to practice safe sex — and, unfortunately, if you plan on using a condom, you should know that water and condoms do not mix. Somehow, even if you are extra careful, sand ends up lodged… places. Have your girl sit on the deck of the pool or on the stairs while you stand in the water, or vice versa. As far as major rubber maker Durex is concerned, no research has been done on the performance of condoms when used in water.

Sex in the shower with condom

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