Psychological game the cube

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The flowers represent children. The vertical placement of the cube is how grounded you are. Is the wind strong?

Psychological game the cube

It is not very accurate personality test you will likely read objections from critics as to the accuracy of it yet it gives you a funny picture to measure the subject personality. At this point, as much detail as she is willing to give is essential. You knowing how the cube works, however will be able to stay aware of the image you are portraying. If the horse is envisioned close to the flowers, you know what that means; this girl wants a man who wants children in their life also. Does it take over the whole image or just a corner? This cube is a representation of our ego, or how we see ourselves. If your flowers are near the cube, it means that you are close to your friends. Sitting in the desert is a cube. The number of flowers you imagined represent the number of children you would like to have. Where is it located in the room? There might be many reasons: Or is it cast to one side, lying unloved on the sand? The Rainstorm The rainstorm inside the room is life's problems. If the ladder is detached, this means you prefer to be independent. Yellow - You are sociable and pay close attention to your individuality. Now time for some animals. If the surface is bumpy or spikey, you might actually have a hurtful attitude, or you like to criticize others or make others feel inferior to you. Situations in a cube personality test Picture an enormous white room. If the ladder is above the cube, this means you see your friends as authority figures in your life. Next, imagine a horse in the white room. There is a storm. If the cube is floating, it means that you are unpredictable and your life is unstable. The cube represents yourself. You can use these answers to predict a few traits of the subject personality. Grey - You are confident with yourself, calm, and tend to be more independent. Now imagine that a horse has appeared in the desert.

Psychological game the cube

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  1. Begin by asking questions, and ask her to give as much information about herself and not to hold back.

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