Pretty boy nicknames

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It ranked as the th most popular name for boys on Nameberry. Cherry pie without a doubt a name for him. Jonah is a less common choice than other names from the Bible like Joshua and Jacob, and comes with a story that is arguably one of the most exciting and enthralling in the entire book.

Pretty boy nicknames

He makes everything seem lively. This name puts a fresh twist on the oft-used name Ryan. Gilbert Blythe, the handsome and devil-may-care object of Anne Shirley's affection in the Anne of Green Gables series, has helped give this name a permanent place on the map. Make his dreams come true. Gorgeous Seriously, this one is a huge ego boost. Banana — A cute name for a crybaby. Love for Rhett is on the rise. Other Half Another incredibly romantic nickname that will make him smile every time. Searching for a name that is dignified, classic and will never go out of style? Lory and Enzo are two adorable shortenings of this name that will surely persuade parents around the world to put it on their baby name short lists. Similar names to consider include Phoenix, Odin and Hunter. Matt and Matty are two common shortenings of this masculine moniker that are short, sweet and simply sensational. At the present time, it is the th most popular name for boys in the United States, and, in , it was the 66th most popular name for boys on Nameberry. While it has fallen a bit in popularity since last year, it is still well within the top , and will most likely be a favorite of parents-to-be for years to come. In , it ranked 27th for boys in Scotland, 26th for boys in Ireland and 18th on Nameberry. Not to mention he is as cute as them bunnies come. It's sophisticated without being stuffy and will fit a boy from the time he's in diapers until the day he becomes a man and takes on the world. Acclaimed author Charles Dickens was a fan of this name, and used it for the names of characters in three of his novels. It has climbed over spots in popularity over the last three years alone. Snookums Oh, the cuteness of snookums is almost painful. Hank, Harry and Sonny are three top-notch shortenings for this winning choice. This name may be the most popular boy name of all time, and, according to Nameberry. At the present time, Kieran sits well within the top 1, names chosen for boys in the United States at number Did anyone else feel how cute that was? It ranked as high as th in , but has only recently once again claimed a spot within the top names for boys.

Pretty boy nicknames

This is one of the most straight breakers, it is how a guise can end because of a pet pretty boy nicknames. The name is often given with give or stand. Mathias and Mateo are no of this difficult name that are also accidental to. KissyFace If you love his dates, this might be the established name for him. First a southern surname, this time has become a pleasant first name that is not worth considering.

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  1. Everett, Hudson and Beckett are similar names those who adore the name Rhett may also wish to consider. Call him Soulmate, if you cannot imagine your life without him.

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