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Some might think that points to some fundamental biological difference between men and women, but there's no way that's the whole story. I wonder if they are lying. But hey, I know men who hate looking at man-crotch and women who hate looking at woman-crotch. So why Marks is spending so much time on women watching gay porn is because she thinks this is an example that undoes this assumption about gender and spectatorship by providing a possible counter-example. In a word, anerotic.


Have you seen Ron Jeremy?! She made good in the epilogue that was added to this 2nd edition, including images, discussion of a wide array of queer porn, and a surprising admission: Just does not compute. Just straight men who are inflamed with insatiable desire for a submissive androgynous youth, who will struggle at first, but eventually dwindles in front of the seme's fervent will some sapful sex-scenes later Oh, wait, I guess it is to many straight men. I think a lot of the discourse about it, though, attests to it being more complicated than that. And personally, I think they were right. The men, yes, fugly. So, the very improbability of ever being in a situation like that makes it purely enjoyable fantasy. So it's interesting to think of why female spectatorship of gay male porn isn't likely to be viewed as an "invasion" of gay men's sexual space. I am straight and I certainly don't feel alienated or excluded. And why shouldn't that be the default position? See what that bottom is doing there? I suspect it is the same thing with women. Nowadays, it's just gay. The ability to have and maintain an erection, or even ejaculate usually by one's own hand seems like a pretty low bar to set on "enjoyment. The author says you rarely see men pleasuring themselves in straight porn and you counter with, "I've seen plenty of straight porn with girls masturbating! I don't mind gay male porn because usually the guys have good bodies and are good looking. Might it not also affect gay people's libido? It's silent or it's mutual, and everyone is clearly getting off and having a time without needing to turn the person into a slut, a whore, or something beneath them. Lol but seriously now I seem sweet but yet shy woman with very naughty dark side because I create my shows vizit. Gay porn generally just depicts two people fucking, with occasional utterances: Were you dating this girl? The comment you quoted was: I really don't see what the purpose of this post is, other than titillation. Probably the best sex I've ever had.


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  1. I don't know, whole thread gives me the impression that gay people are awesome and heteros aren't entitled to an opinion, but maybe I've got my outrage meter up to 11 again.

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