Physical disadvantages of premarital sex

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That involves the moral conscience, which can inflict pain after the physical pleasure is gone, unless the two have become one in marriage. If young people can understand that and realize that they are valuable to their parents and to God, it can help them in overcoming the false assumptions of evolution that we are mere animals and therefore must behave like animals. Premarital sexual experiences, many a times, leads to the misconception that sex is to be enjoyed at whatever ways possible.

Physical disadvantages of premarital sex

Misleading feelings is another emotional effect of fornication. The Social Organization of Sexuality: After going too far, many of us know all too well the cloud of guilt that weighs on our hearts. Procedures Participants completed daily web-based surveys during their first and second semesters of college. Sexual practices in the United States. We have seen those who had no rules, no curfews, who could make all their own decisions, but who wanted some guidance. From the very childhood itself a baby should learn to accept people as men and women, the equal partners of life on earth; not as objects to fulfill lusty wishes and ambitions. Inspire them with mutual respect between man and woman. Sex combined with love in marriage makes us want to give to our mate — not take. It has also been speculated that girls who are inadequately provided for in terms of basic needs are often exposed to the temptation of seeking financial rewards from young and older men for sexual favours in return Madise et al ; Biddlecom et al. But the virus that causes AIDS is up to to times smaller than the sperm. Could this be why God tells us to stay pure until we are married? When we lose something we know is valuable, we feel regret. It might help to know that your friend is not on a quest for sex. The conclusion of the study indicates that premarital sex is highly normative behaviour among university students. He attributes premarital sex and risk-prone sexual conducts to influences emanating from being active and purposeful members of the Nigerian society. If you catch them you have them for life. Like a toy that has been used over and over again begins to lose its physical appeal, so does a person who continually has sex outside of marriage. Men anticipate more powerful, sexual and aggressive feeling after drinking alcohol Brown et al, Premarital sex has a way of giving adolescent a false sense of being adults. Consider the sad case of a year-old woman I talked to whose life is filled with guilt. The pain that comes when one breaks up with a sexual partner is often an emotionally terrible tearing apart. Where do I fit in? Crying, fear, stress, depression, apathy, isolation, and hopelessness crowd your mind and cause your emotional growth to be stifled. The media just encourages them. These can be frustrating, disturbing, and destructive to a couple who later desire to experience God's plan for true intimacy and love in their marriage.

Physical disadvantages of premarital sex

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  1. We don't experience the stress of worrying about unwanted pregnancies, or Sexually Transmitted Diseases STDs that could kill or cripple us or our children. Sex outside of marriage turns the relationship upside down and mixes emotions to the point of misinterpreting feelings.

  2. Again a National Demographic Health Survey reveals that sexual activity of the youth is significantly related to parental sexual attitudes towards adequate sex education. In a fenced pasture, the cattle have everything they need.

  3. According to Ayodele et al , the rise in premarital sex in Africa has resulted from a sexual revolution that came with western culture Scott, The emotional side effects of premarital sex are also damaging to a young woman.

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