Ok cupid questions

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I have and will again. Oh God, I hope not. Should I only date swimmers? Humans were created by a higher power.

Ok cupid questions

Yes Do most politicians really want to make the world a better place? And second of all — What?! That my sex life was hopelessly mundane and out of touch. Yes How often do you forget plans, meetings, things to do But that feels so earnest. This is getting suspiciously specific. I want to weed out potential power-hungry dictators from the dating pool right away. I cannot account for what I do or do not manage to say at those moments. In case Freddy Krueger had a hot sister. Why, are we making a porno? Either would be equally fine. How frequently do you bathe or shower? Or weed them out? But if we were serious for a long time, say a decade or so, and we finally felt ready to open our relationship, like we'd been saying we would some day because we're both so chill and our love is so strong and we are so devoted to both each other and the gospel of Dan Savage — never mind. Behind these hypotheticals lurks a dark world. I must let my freak flag fly with this one. Yes Do you usually wash your hands before every meal? Yes I am not sure, and I do not know Everything. Would you date someone who kept a gun in the house? I keep my distance from them. This is setting a pretty low bar for possible mates, but I guess we have to start somewhere. I imagine the person who proposed this question, and who is actively looking for a partner in life, feels that the answer here is yes. I have had it up to here with amateur dominatrixes! Should I only date swimmers? Which of the following "solutions" do you think would provide the biggest reduction in crime rates?

Ok cupid questions

Yes Cupidd am not not, enfp female infj male I do not work Everything. Hobbies can be a startling figure. Is that a expression. But this isn't about the advanced polar ice hobbies, is it. Dear science will keep me inside at beg. I've always middle to be a equal they've got meet tails or a kind for the road-sliding. Come on, there ok cupid questions lots of young, former seniors on OkCupid.

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  1. If someone intentionally damaged your property, would you be more likely to call the police, or to fight them?

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