Mustang 23 turbo swap

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Mustang 23 turbo swap

Moderate boost psi you should either swap over to a turbo specific computer or have a custom chip burned for your stock computer. It's probably the simplest procedure in the whole swap. Here is where the swap can get interesting. A number of different cam vendors make literally dozens of different camshaft profiles. There are many other parts that can be swapped into a Mustang as well. Its stock placement is terrible as it sits directly over the hot exhaust manifold. You'll learn a few things along the way and the sense of accomplishment you'll acquire will make it all worthwhile. If your planning on upping the performance a larger Walbro pump should be on your list of goodies to get. Though this will limit you to only 3 speeds, no OD. All turbo motors came with a Modine plate style oil to water heat exchanger oil cooler. But, you should first thoroughly familiarize yourself with engine operations theory and how your particular system of choice addresses each parameter before starting to make adjustments, as things can go wrong very quickly. Larger valves are available from Ferrea but can be costly to have fitted. Walbro OEM supplier for Ford makes replacement pumps in and lph sizes that are marketed for Mustangs. A BPV vents this pressure back into the inlet system in front of the turbo. Though I warn you, boost can be very addictive and can get very expensive very quickly. The first choice would be a ''88 Thunderbird TurboCoupe. Porting is always good. The combustion chamber will need to be massaged a bit but they are rarely cracked. The guys at www. Too many turbo applications have died due to lean conditions! The bigger the better, period. Both can be found in the junkyard or on Ebay. Once you get to this level you are hitting up against the limits of the stock computer. The stock Ranger fan is adequate for most applications but all of the turbo computers are capable of running an electric fan so wiring one of those is easy. Cylinder head and camshaft: The iceing on the cake is, what you don't use on your project, you can resell on Ebay or any of the message boards dedicated to 2. They come with a factory hp turbo'd 2.

Mustang 23 turbo swap

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