Muslim sites in india

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While the religious iconography associated with mosques in general like the dome, arches and minaret are usually the same for all mosques in India, what truly distinguishes the grand mosques of the country are the fact that they are open for access to all except during the prayer times. Bara Imambara, Lucknow An architectural marvel, this is only structure in India this is the largest unsupported structure. The seven arched walls are the extension built by Ghori to give this college a mosque form. The mosque was built for a noble cause by the 4th Nawab of Awadh.

Muslim sites in india

It is also one of the last architectural works of the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan and was built between and Jama Masjid, Delhi This is the largest mosque in the country, located in the capital city of Delhi , which is capable of accommodating 25, people during prayer. The Mysore Palace is said to be one of the most famous tourist attractions in India, due to its unique architectural blend. Arab merchants and traders became the carriers of the new religion and they propagated it wherever they went. The reflection of the mosque in clear sunny days on the waters of the Dal Lake is a feast for the eyes and the area surrounding the mosque has panoramic views of the beautiful valley with a surrounding lawn. The mosque comprises of 4 grand towers and 3 large gates. This imposing structure is 75 feet high at the main prayer hall, with feet of width, and feet length. The seven arched walls are the extension built by Ghori to give this college a mosque form. In the first half of the 10th century, Mahmud of Ghazni added the Punjab to the Ghaznavid Empire and conducted 17 raids on modern-day India. People following any faith can visit these grand architectural marvels that evoke a feeling of peace and simplicity. Every Muslim must undergo a pilgrimage hajj to the holy city of Mecca, at least once in their lifetime, if possible. X ft in area and is built on a raised platform, surrounded by pillared cloisters. Centuries later Mahmud of Ghazni - CE was the second, much more ferocious invader, who swept up into Northern India as far as Gujarat. The mosque is situated in the border of Ajmer, Rajasthan. The tomb is located in Fatehpur Sikri, a city built by Akbar. This particular shrine is also different from all the other in Kashmir for another reason. The mosque is visible from the terrace top of the infamous Charminar in Hyderabad. This beautiful white marble mausoleum was built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his wife, Mumtaz Mahal. The majestic palace is home to a museum which holds a collection of items that are hundreds of years old. The prayer hall is shaped in a star form and the mosque lie close to the hallowed shrine of Moinuddin Chisti the Sufi saint. The holy text of this religion is the Quran, which is believed to be the word of God, and is followed faithfully by all Muslims. He came across a married couple named Kaka Akela and Kaki Akela who became his first converts in the Taiyabi Bohra community. Arab traders transmitted the numeral system developed by Indians to the Middle East and Europe. There is another curious thing about the mosque, the mosque prohibits entry after sunset as many people have complained of experiencing paranormal activities in the mosque like visions of a apparitions, odd sounds and eerie feelings. There is also a labyrinth within the mosque complex that includes passages, several stair cases that go up and down and identical doorways. It was initially built by the ruler Nawab Shah Jahan Begum of Bhopal , but the final touches were finished in the very recent times of There are many Islamic pilgrimage sites in India too.

Muslim sites in india

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  1. Islam has five main principles which are upheld by Muslims — prayer, testimony, fasting, alms-giving, and pilgrimage.

  2. The masjid receives visitors and pilgrims from all over the country. The floor of the mosque is made with black and white ornamented marble to resemble a traditional Islamic prayer mat.

  3. The merchant seamen who brought dates year after year now brought a new faith with them. Here are the top 10 most famous mosques in India that are a must see for all:

  4. This 16th-century Mughal monument is also known as the Red Fort and is situated about two and a half kilometers away from the Taj Mahal.

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