Mila kunis and natalie portman black swan sex scene

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But how can she do that? This does two things. More about that later. The much googled scene between Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman was the subject of her ire, with its alleged sensationalism leaving her shocked, and its critical acclaim leaving her chagrined. The second is that, despite the first, she has a suppressed, volatile fervor.

Mila kunis and natalie portman black swan sex scene

I almost feel like it would be easier to do it with someone you didn't know," she said. In a real sense, Nina must lust for her. More about that later. The ballet flick, starring Natalie Portman as Nina Sayers, promises to be both disturbingly dark and stunningly beautiful, as the prima ballerina fights for the coveted lead role in "Swan Lake. Conceived and executed with sublime mastery, the lesbian scene is visceral, poetic, and unforgettably beautiful. Initially Lily, she will eventually switch to an image of herself. So, get ready to give me more of that bite referring to the kiss. Even perfect at times. At the casting audition for the Swan Queen, Nina meek and mild performs with the upmost earnestness, which impresses Thomas to an extent. Therefore, she has to be naughty. This is the beginning of her metamorphosis into someone like Lily, someone who can flawlessly play the Black Swan. Before I had a chance to riposte, the line for the screening we were at started moving, and amidst the droves of people cramming the theater, I lost sight of her. Thomas instructed her to touch herself, and like always, Nina obeys. As tantalizing as the premise sounds, she eventually digressed into a rather scholarly discussion about how most of these scenes are sensationalized, how they objectify women, how unrealistic they are, and, of course, their gratuitousness. The actress revealed that it was slightly uncomfortable to work on those scenes but said that having Kunis around was a positive experience as well. If the White Swan represents purity and innocence, then the Black Swan, her evil twin, must represent seduction and licentiousness. And I know I saw a flash of her yesterday. The second is that, despite the first, she has a suppressed, volatile fervor. In order to be the perfect Black Swan, Nina must embrace and exploit her buried reservoir of sexuality. From what we've seen, the battle of the wills between the dancers is ruthless, and their ensuing sexual encounters are equally intense. However, she never takes her eyes and attention away from Lily, and when Nina once again acts on impulse after an altercation with her mother, the famous lesbian scene ensues. But the real question is how. Do you enjoy making love? Secretly, Nina knows she needs to be like her, to be as seductive and sexually emancipated as she is. She sees herself in other people, and always the darker side. Like Thomas always says, she needs to lose herself. I figured that the path of least resistance was to simply let her pontificate in taciturn silence, and pretend that I was listening.

Mila kunis and natalie portman black swan sex scene

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