Max art

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He blended his fascinations with Eastern philosophy, astronomy, studies in color, and music with vivid bursts of color to create a truly unique style. We value creativity and professionalism in the artwork design process. Revolutionizing Graphic Design In , fresh out of school, Max established a graphic design studio with friends.

Max art

Revolutionizing Graphic Design In , fresh out of school, Max established a graphic design studio with friends. Max discovered, however, that photorealism limited his imagination. He took himself off the radar for almost 18 years to spend time with his family and concentrate on his new passion—painting. Around this time Max began experimenting with a more abstract and colorful style. Not to mention the state of the art technology we have mastered for you. In , while working on a film in Paris, Max met Swami Satchidananda, who introduced him to yoga and a deeper understanding of Eastern spirituality. Since we strive to surprise our customers with our work, we have made sure our creations are carefully designed with high-end quality in mind. In , Harry N. Of course, our goal is to produce a masterpiece you can be proud of. Whether it's for your home or exhibition, we fulfill the highest quality of images. Simply upload your images and we'll take care of the rest. For Max, color was paired with sound—an intense synesthesia. His family eventually settled in Brooklyn, where Max graduated high school and studied under the realist Frank J. When he needed more assistance with his drafting, he turned to comic books, following their foreshortened lines and vivid style. The ripple of crayons on a steamer trunk was the first memorable experience for the artist where he truly realized his love for sound and color. He created his last realistic painting in He enjoyed the freedom that came from working with canvases and brushes instead of printing presses. Personal History Peter Max was born in Germany in American icons, especially the Statue of Liberty, appear over and over in his works. Tennis Open in Later in life, this quest for cosmic knowledge would become spiritual as much as scientific. In October , Max created portrait paintings of the firefighters and first responders who perished that day. Max was commissioned by the U. Max Art is able to produce any digital prints from a wide format of murals to a tiny label. From Ideas Undergoing the transformational essence of excellent art inspires the creative services at Max Art. As part of our commitment, we go the extra mile in making sure that every aspect of our creations spreads artistic beauty and is a source of pride for our elite clients.

Max art

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  1. In doing so, Max allowed his creative spirit to blossom. Alongside his patriotism, Max is a passionate environmentalist and defender of human and animal rights, using his talents to support these causes.

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