Lesbians dc

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On the weekends we have good music so you can get up and vibe and dance. And you probably need a place to live and want to know where to go to work on your laptop and read novels with a delicious beverage. Seattle , by Marley 7.

Lesbians dc

Very different in vibe, the spots offer a range of experiences for lesbian and bi women any night of the week. Sundays are especially wild thanks to ridiculously well-priced vodka specials and beer pong games upstairs. Like, all the time. You probably want to meet these fuzzy-feeling people. It is the capital, after all. And despite many stupid things I have done there, they always welcome me back with open doors. On the weekends we have good music so you can get up and vibe and dance. She wants the community to dictate what happens in the space. REX features badass female DJs they wear dinosaur masks! I spoke with partners Nicolai as well as Chef K. The first floor features Level One, a restaurant with bottomless drag brunches, Sunday burger specials and a super affordable happy hour. Tucked into an otherwise unassuming alleyway off of Thomas Circle near Downtown , the bar is located in a converted two-story carriage house. Choose from an array of martinis with — you guessed it — Grey Goose vodka, kick back and relax. They also plan to host charity events and give money back to the community. The space is also designed for optimal boogie-time into the wee hours. But what you probably missed between the bus tours, duck tours, Capitol tours, museum tours, Segway tours, monument tours and Japanese tours, is that DC is also full of lesbians. Get there before 9 p. There are many reasons why I love Cobalt, despite the general dearth of girls. In the last six months I have: Then in August, as if Diana herself had shot a big gay arrow right into the target of the nation, there were two. The team is acutely aware that lesbian and queer-identified women need spaces of our own , and that it can be hard to maintain a boundary when men enter the space and act inappropriately. Basically, Phase is great, especially because of its history and Jell-O wrestling, but not an ideal locale for fans of pop music and a clubby atmosphere. Autostraddle says that DC is the 4 most lesbianish city in the U. McDaniel is quick to point out that all are welcome and that the space is centered for lesbian, bi and queer-identifying women of all ages and classes. Around the city, lesbian coded spaces or gay bars with lesbian nights numbered at least 15 according to local historian Ty Ginter at the DC Dykaries history project.

Lesbians dc

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  1. The Fireplace is known for its notably diverse crowd, robust drink selection and warm namesake beside the bar.

  2. One Wednesday a month is amateur night, when regular 9-toers can strut their stuff in front of a willing audience.

  3. DC is full of History, Politics, and you probably came here once on a school trip with one billion of your classmates if you live anywhere on the East Coast. So happy to be here?

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