How to make anal sex more pleasurable

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Of course, people who are familiar with anal play, and know both what they like and how their bodies respond can often speed things up. Tristan also made three great how-to movies: You can also come to one of my workshops on anal play , which I teach all over the US and Canada.

How to make anal sex more pleasurable

If you want to have intense anal play, you can still do it with care. And when those emotions are linked to past experiences of painful sex or sexual trauma, they can be held even more tightly. In fact, it can feel wonderful to focus on the external muscle and the skin around it, without any penetration at all. Let Go Of Your Expectations When most people think of anal sex, they assume it means intercourse or at the very least, penetration. It helps if you know lots of different ways to do that, and you might be surprised to discover just how many options you have. The slower you go, the less friction there is. That gives you the room to focus on how you touch them and what you communicate to them through your fingers. My book and workshops have all of the how-to tips to make it pleasurable, but the right attitude is even more important than the technical skills. So here are a few tips to help you make the most of your anal adventure. Think of it as making the new thing a side dish rather than the main course. Consider how an intense, deep back massage can be given with care while also being quite powerful. You can find out more about that here. The more pressure you put on your partner or yourself for a particular outcome, the more difficult it can be to enjoy the erotic possibilities because the resulting stress can get in the way. You can also come to one of my workshops on anal play , which I teach all over the US and Canada. One of the most important things you can do to make anal sex fun is to touch your partner with care. That creates more relaxation and expands their capacity to feel good. Once the receiver is more relaxed and turned on, that becomes less of an issue. Even folks who are very experienced with anal play can enjoy the experience more when you start off slowly. This is especially important for folks who are just beginning to explore anal play. Arousal makes things feel better, and doing something that you know you like makes it feel safer. It makes a difference. And even folks who have plenty of experience with anal play can sometimes not be into it because they had a rough day. Touch Them With Care In addition to being full of sensitive nerves, the anus is a place where a lot of people hold many different emotions. In particular, we often hold challenging feelings like anger, fear, or shame in the pelvic floor. Unfortunately, when viewers copy what they see on the screen, they can easily hurt themselves or their partners.

How to make anal sex more pleasurable

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