How to give oral sex to a man

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Pop an ice cube in your mouth and let it melt a little before you go down on him, or try warming a little honey or Nutella in a bowl of warm water before drizzling it on his skin and licking it off. Licking and sucking are good, and when your mouth is busy elsewhere, try holding them in the palm of your hand and gently tugging. While performing a blow job you can add chocolate body paint, squirty cream or ice cream then spend time licking and sucking it off, or try a flavoured lubricant - Durex do a good selection. Ask him what he likes.

How to give oral sex to a man

Sexually transmitted diseases When giving or receiving oral sex, be aware that hepatitis B, fungal infections and other STDs can be passed on via oral sex and blow jobs. The risk of HIV transmission from performing oral sex is low but it can still happen. As he comes, don't stop stimulation completely, but maintain the firm pressure and continue to move your hands and head slowly until he's finished. Occasionally look up and make eye contact with him too - men tend to be more turned on by what they see, and the odd lingering glance while you're going down on him can really help to get him going. Have tissues on hand to either spit into or mop up any spillage. As to the how: The only way to find all of this out is to talk about it together, try and few things, see how it goes, and talk some more. All men are different and he'll be thrilled that you want to know exactly how to please him. Mouth infections can also be transmitted via oral sex and remember never to give head when you have a cold sore unless you want to give him herpes! A simple trick to blow job success is to use your hand and your mouth together - which will feel good for any size of penis. Firstly, decide before you start whether you want him to ejaculate in your mouth or not, to prevent any uncomfortable surprises later on. How to give oral sex: Use an edible lubricant or your saliva to get things going moving and move your hand from the shaft bottom to the tip until he's really hard. Alcohol, caffeine, recreational drugs and nicotine all add a tang to your man's semen and make it taste like a bad night out. That means you try something, you ask him how it feels i. If you're kneeling, pop a pillow under your knees, or if you're lying down, prop yourself between your partner's legs to take the strain off your neck. Some will rarely reach orgasm that way, and some never have and might not ever, despite the fact that what their partners have done has felt good, has been exactly what they wanted, and no one was doing anything "wrong. Otherwise let him come in your mouth and then spit it out. Some men even prefer a blow job to full-on sex. Those of you who are pretty confident in your oral abilities can intensify the feelings even further with a little sensory play. Vegetarians have better tasting sperm but too much cauliflower , broccoli and asparagus can have a seriously negative impact - so get your guy to limit these foods if you're planning to swallow after an oral sex session. So I just open my mouth and then what? Or, he lets you in on something he knows feels good, and then you try it and see, and you both keep experimenting and communicating like this over time. Involving other areas Oral sex is about using your mouth to maximum effect, on his penis, and other areas too. Gagging Gagging during oral sex isn't something to be embarrassed about. There is no one sexual activity, nor any one way to engage in any one sexual activity, which will guarantee orgasm or ejaculation for any given person, or for any given person every time.

How to give oral sex to a man

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  1. Alcohol, caffeine, recreational drugs and nicotine all add a tang to your man's semen and make it taste like a bad night out. But what feels amazing to one person may be totally ho-hum to someone else, so the only way to find out what your partner likes and gets off on is to do two things:

  2. Use your hands If your partner's penis is on the large side you may find it more than a mouthful.

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