How to even out a farmers tan

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I've never had a sun tan in my life and I don't ever expect to have one. Now I have a farmer tan. Apply some regular lotion or vaseline to the dark side of your tan lines; that way if any self-tanner goes over into the dark area, it will get diluted down by the moisturizer and not develop as well.

How to even out a farmers tan

It's made for pale white folks, and likely won't look too terribly natural on Indian skin. You cannot match tan lines perfectly, as they tend not to have a perfect line. Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher. Applying sunscreen to the pre-tanned areas is not strictly necessary, but it won't hurt. Follow instructions on the product bottle for specific directions. You should also wear protective sunglasses when working outdoors. Step 1 Apply sunscreen to the areas of your body which will be exposed to sun. Trust me, from personal experience it doesn't work, as dmo said. Either go ahead and brave the comments, or go to a tanning salon that does spray-on tans hand spray, not one of those spray booths. Avoid products that contain "bronzers" if you're worried about turning orange. Flip up the collar to protect your neck from sunburn. For reference purposes, I have medium olive-tan skin to begin with I'm Indian, relatively light skinned for an Indian girl though, I guess , and I tan super easily. Your skin should even itself out in time for the weekend. The Skin Cancer Foundation suggests that your hat have a 3-inch wide brim all the way around. If it doesn't look too fakey, build it up a little more until you're closer to even. Step 3 Wear a wide-brimmed hat for added protection to your face and neck. How to fade or even out a real tan. This type of fabric keeps the sun's rays away from your skin. I've never had a sun tan in my life and I don't ever expect to have one. If you spend time outdoors regularly in your favorite T-shirt, you could end up sporting a farmer's tan, characterized by irregular tan lines visible as bands on the neck and arms. Plan to renew the application at least every two hours, with more applications after you dry off from sweating, swimming or getting wet. For the best protection, you must reapply sunscreen frequently throughout the day. Frankly, I doubt there's anything you can do, except to be prepared to make jokes about it if someone is rude enough to mention it. If you try to apply sunscreen to only the tanned parts, be very careful to stay inside the lines! Darken the light areas and blend over the edges just as you would on your face.

How to even out a farmers tan

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  1. You might want to prepare some sort of humorous dismissal, for instance a comment about how it's the result of working in a nuclear reactor. If you're really desperate and willing to throw some cash at this, you could go to a tanning salon that does spray-on tans, and have them airbrush tan the areas you want darkened.

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