Have you ever regretted not dating someone

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Remarkably, she was prepared to forgive me for my incredible stupidity in dumping her and we started going out again. That takes its own set of balls. The moved on to a long distance relationship. That doesn't sound like a girlfriend to me.

Have you ever regretted not dating someone

It sounds like you are a imprisoned by your partner's pathological view of sexuality. I suspect that it would be good for you, but that's just a guess. We've been together for ten wonderful years, married for six. Perhaps your "girlfriend" and I hesitate to describe her as such has absolutely zero sex-drive and therefore physical intimacy is never going to be something she is interested in which would explain the 10 years -- people who "wait" still have the same physical urges as people who don't That's ok, I suppose, provided that you too have a close to zero sex drive. There's no right answer, and you can regret anything you failed to experience, I'm sure. When I went out with people, they had to measure up to this girl - and not just equal her, they had to be a lot better, otherwise it wouldn't have been "worthwhile". It felt like as soon as I really started dating people, I almost immediately fell into a long-term relationship. Your semi-grilf has a problem and after ten years of living with that problem, you're not going to be able to help her fix it. I think it would be best if you really talked about the long-term future with her. For me, sex is a necissary and vital part of a romantic relationship. What ultimatum could she offer? It's not fair for her to drag this out until you're old and far too invested in the relationship to leave. It does matter to the scope of relationships, though. Your question suggests that you do in fact have an active sex-drive, though perhaps a bit lower than average. Willing enough to sit down. If she's so religious and you've been together so long, has marriage never been discussed? Booming DJ's you dont like because Even my born-again-Christian walks-two-steps-behind-her-husband blue-Gingham-dress-wearing sister gave it up to her boyfriends. I consider myself lucky that I found my mate so early on. I guess for most people that is a natural progression. It got to the point where me sticking around was only causing distress for all of us, so I bowed out. If you have important needs that aren't getting met, leave. I had a similar question to yours, and it wasn't until much later that I realized I was responding to some early foreboding about the relationship that I wasn't ready to verbalize yet. I don't know what you do. I am on the internet and I think you should dump her and find someone who wants to jump your bones. You're asking the question but I think you already have your answer.

Have you ever regretted not dating someone

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