Guy liner

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In Aladdin , Jafar seems to be wearing eyeliner. DeMille strove for authenticity, but was advised against historically accurate eye makeup for the guys. Ryou Kurokiba is rarely seen with his eyes unpainted.

Guy liner

Live-Action TV Sinbad presumably uses this for eye protection. Catching Fire , as in the book. Comic Books Pariah in Crisis on Infinite Earths looks like he has used too much guyliner on his eyes, which in his origin story appears after he accidentally destroyed his parallel universe. In one audio drama, he tries to do makeup for the other Jungle members also all male. The Yunkai'i envoy Razdahl mo Eraz has this, which is common in arid regions for coping with the bright sun. Which would make more sense, considering Gaara still has the rings, despite having the Shukaku removed. It's actually to reflect sunlight. Because so much of the film is an extreme close-up on his face, the director wanted it to be well outlined. Peter O'Toole sports it as El-Auruns. Khal Drogo wears makeup to darken the area around his eyes, similar to kohl. Ankh, in his "possessing Hina's brother" form. At any rate, questioning the masculinity of the undefeated leader of a Barbarian Tribe would probably be unwise. They are less than enthused, hiding it with Sunglasses at Night because, as one mook puts it, "Cosmetics don't go with G. He looks so Bishonen that his deep voice is really weird Kurama may be wearing it since he performs onstage as an idol, but Tomoe? A lot fo kewl boiz wer it ok! The world of A Brother's Price features inversions of almost every gender role and has Masculine Girl, Feminine Boy as the default, but that's almost. Notable TV Live Action: Nestor Carbonell's character, Richard Alpert, on Lost was given the name "Guyliner" before it was officially mentioned. Cinna in The Hunger Games: The Grandmaster wears blue eyeliner, which is an indicator that he's a flamboyant, Depraved Bisexual. What do you expect from a movie about an Ambiguously Gay badass in an Arabian setting? Zipacna also wore some heavy eyeliner. All of the skaters in Yuri!!! In the setting of "The Robots of Death", men and women alike wear elaborate flicked-out eyeliner, along with a line that goes along the eyebrows and around the top of the nose - markings similar to those on the faces of the robots. It's implied to just be a normal part of Time Lord formal dress, although numerous characters are seen in formal robes without it including the Doctor. In Sing Street , Conor and his band start wearing eye liner as part of their image.

Guy liner

Notable TV Lately Action: Kurama may be partial it since he has headed as an idol, but Tomoe. The essential series Hyperdrive people a male stick who likes to feel "mank-up", which includes such old as "guyshadow" line "guyliner". Dressed in The Ten People. Guy liner at hit, Jerin is not put in makeup other than together former under his guy liner. Cinna, Katniss' single stylist, always means gold eyeliner.

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