Gretsch drum badge dating

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Dating a set of Gretsch drums accurately is a challenge that relies heavily on comparing the physical characteristics of your drums to those found in vintage drum catalogs. Billy Gladstone Gretsch enters an historic partnership with master drummer and inventor Billy Gladstone. The type of throwoff if a snare, Keep your reports coming. They both are actively supported by great people who are happy to share what they know.

Gretsch drum badge dating

The serial number itself is not so important as the physical characteristics of your drum set, since drum companies didn't use serial numbers in the early years and followed no real system when serial numbers were introduced. It just seems that no one had done the data collection for Gretsch before. Precisely how it is going to be presented is still being worked out. The paper has been revised twice as new data has been gathered. Any other noted characteristics, There is enough distinction between the colors to narrow the date of your drums to within five or 10 years. Despite this, John Sheridan proposed a "rule of thumb" for round badge drums in which linked the number of digits in serial numbers to date ranges. There should be a Gretsch Dating Guide available later this year. After one last push to gather information see above , I hope to finalize the paper and publish it. This site is not associated with Gretsch, Fred W. Gretsch Eighteen years after the company was sold to Baldwin, Fred W. This is the prevailing opinion in the vintage drum literature and statements made by several of the experts. Ludwig Industries, Conn-Selmer, Inc. This reuse of serial numbers has contributed much to the confusion over the usefulness of serial numbers. The set configuration, if part of a set, Learn more by clicking the link below. Please do not just email me a serial number and demand that I tell you how old it is. So, to end this long post, I ask for two things: With data from more than 3, drums in front of you, many things become very clear. Gretsch Boys Fred Gretsch, Sr. Be patient as this effort of more than four years is getting much closer to a conclusion. I realize that many people currently disregard Gretsch serial numbers as meaningless. The type of screw used to mount the lug casing to the shell round head or hex head , 9. The badge has changed drastically over the years. His nephew, Fred W.

Gretsch drum badge dating

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