Expressing feelings to a man

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Grab a piece of paper and write down a description of your ideal relationship. The path towards self-expression may not be comfortable or easy, but it is possible and worth it! Positive resonance also keeps your thoughts clear and allows you to express yourself more fluently. When this happens, our connections with our most intimate relationships begin to crumble and dissolve. There is strength in having the courage to share your feelings, fears and insecurities.

Expressing feelings to a man

Or that you need to do more of your own work before seeking relationship. Develop a keener sense as to the difference between your "needs" versus your "preferences. See your partner as an ally. This is my vulnerability. Share your thoughts on this article with me below. You are meeting him where he is at, as a man. Be comfortable with your own needs. However, once you decide that you want a deep connection and accept that sharing more of your inner world is how we connect, you can gradually share more of yourself. Meet Singles in your Area! What is the tone? Be aware of HOW you share your feelings. We all have a deep need for being understood and belonging. Here are a few tips for expressing yourself with clarity and confidence: Time of day and location. Would you lie like that? They inform others of how we want to be treated. Follow the 4 tips below As women, we are mired in the dichotomy between sharing our personal needs and retaining our independence. Will he still after he knows the real me, quirks, insecurities, and all? There is strength in having the courage to share your feelings, fears and insecurities. Be kind to yourself and practice self-compassion Creating intimacy and connection in our relationships requires us to be vulnerable. This way, you are not asking for help in dealing with these feelings, fears and insecurities. You can learn how to be more compassionate toward yourself and your fears. Here are two examples— one that goes badly and one that goes well. Openly sharing your feelings, fears, and insecurities is vulnerable. Your Follow Up i.

Expressing feelings to a man

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  1. This makes it very clear what you want without putting the other person on the defensive. There is strength in having the courage to share your feelings, fears and insecurities.

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