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Because people in poverty have few means of supporting themselves, they often have to go to extremes to keep their families afloat. Now, years after initial transition, all forms of human trafficking are endemic in the region, a result of poverty, ineffective counter-measures, the frequent collusion of government officials in this trade, and the rise of criminal entrepreneurship. Girls are more likely to be sold into bondage because in many societies, parents often choose to invest in their sons because sons are seen as more valuable. Sex fetish for thick, tall and chubby females existed for thousands of years.

Euro women sex video long

Children are also being trafficked in high numbers. Another issue arose in , when a DynCorp employee testified to Congress that fellow workers stationed in Bosnia had bought girls to keep in their homes as sex slaves. In the height of the Roman Empire , one in every three persons was thought to have been a slave. They turn to criminals to help them stay. Fear is the most effective motivator the traffickers use. Gilly McKenzie, UN Trafficking expert , noted that children meeting these criteria were not generally the victims of outside traffickers, but members of their own community, who sought to generate an income from their sale abroad. Addiction to drugs or alcohol was very prevalent, though some rescued victims do not wish to enter a rehabilitation program. After the Soviet Union fell, the demand for sex slaves boomed. In Europe at the time, governments had been part of sex slavery schemes for over a century. Brothels and mistresses became common. To prevent escape attempts, the traffickers take all forms of documentation. During the 13th century, when the African slave trade was in full swing, women slaves garnered a higher price than men both because of their reproductive value, but also because they were sex objects as well as servants. This was the first time since the white slave trade of the 19th century that huge numbers of Caucasian women were bought and sold for the purpose of sex. One of the common methods used by traffickers is debt-bondage in which the traffickers tell their victims that they owe money relating to their travel and living expenses and that they will not be released until the debt has been repaid. Other health conditions identified were dental problems, lip burns caused by hot crack pipes, facial rashes and sores, herpes, frostbite, swollen legs, bleeding ulcers, and abscesses on legs. Greece and Rome were notorious for capturing people and making slaves out of them. Men were used as laborers, while women and girls were used for enjoyment purposes. These people were given new lives of servitude, as servants or sex slaves. There have been reports of sex workers having respiratory problems included allergies , sinus infections , colds , pneumonia , and tuberculosis. They receive the diseases from clients and pass them along to new clients. Susceptible to trafficking are children with disabilities and children belonging to specific ethnic minorities, such as the Jevgjit in Albania and the Romani people in other parts of the region. Also The International Centre for Migration Policy Development, in cooperation with national governments and NGOs, has begun the process of forming a standardized approach to data collection and reporting. Young sex workers, both female and male, are at high risk of HIV infection and other sexually transmitted diseases. Some of the data collection problems identified in this region are: Data on both the victims and their traffickers is important, and information on investigation and prosecution rates are often utilized when assessing a country's performance.

Euro women sex video long

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  1. There are many origin countries and many destination countries for sex trafficking. Fear is the most effective motivator the traffickers use.

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