Embarrasing confessions

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When we get home, I get out of the car into a standing position and it happens. It always waits until the quiet part of the movie, the silence at the table or any moment of stillness to let its rumbling roar be heard at an opportune time. Embarrassing stories are just another part of life! My trying to hold back only ended up making it worse, and in that silent church, in front of all those grieving family members and friends, I expelled the loudest fart mankind has ever known. It was the biggest crap I have taken in my life.

Embarrasing confessions

I half-crapped my pants opening the door to the toilet and guess what…it was a urinal. The owners directed me to a public toilet in the square. I had an appointment with a Psychic at the retreat right after that. So when a ninja runner sneaks up on you and you catch a glimpse of them in your peripherals at the very last second, our natural reaction is to jump in fear — maybe even strike a karate-esque pose. I stand up quickly and reclench. My best mate and I were walking down to the club, which is about a mile-and-a-half away from where we lived. Accidentally mentioning something to someone that was never actually told to you, but was discovered via your lurking social networks. Playing DJ and having your iPod land on one of many humiliating, guilty pleasure songs that occupy your gigabytes. I am as far from my house as I was going to get that evening. My trying to hold back only ended up making it worse, and in that silent church, in front of all those grieving family members and friends, I expelled the loudest fart mankind has ever known. As the sales rep goes over to the Cervelo, I grab my husband by the arm, inform him that we are leaving the store immediately and that we can never go back. My knees are locked as I walk. Out of nowhere and with no warning I just eject a stream of hot liquid shit all down the back of my legs. I run through it about 4 times in my head and decide to go for it. Get in my own front yard and my anus gives up. I wrapped it in a plastic bag and hid it in the back of the Jeep and threw it out once we got into town again. At the ripe old age of 18, I am still scarred. Can we afford to replace the seat?? It would have been weird to see. The embarrassment factor embedded in a public incident automatically triples. I freeze in fear. After dropping off the last one, I pulled down a mostly quiet side street, grabbed a ziploc bag, and did the best I could. Just read these embarrassing stories and live through the cringeworthy pain vicariously. It hit really suddenly so I stopped at one of those kiosks in the walkway and threw up in their trashcan. It looked like a cow had been there when I was finished. The wooden pew exponentially amplified the ungodly noise, and the worst part is that I could not help but laugh out of sheer terror and embarrassment. Why the hell not?

Embarrasing confessions

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  1. Get within yards of the house, and I am contemplating running between a couple of houses and just letting go.

  2. Thankfully it was in private and I cleaned it up without any of my friends or SO finding out. And neither would the unlucky holder of your spare key.

  3. When to bus entered the station, I need to take a crap so hard, I am sweating like a pig. The only way I can describe it is that I look like I have the biggest stick up my butt.

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