Elle com gemini horoscope

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For couples, this could be a moment to renew vows or make things official, whether with a ring or some formal gesture of togetherness. Nothing wrong with lowering your blood pressure or busting up a sedentary lifestyle with regular workouts. This healing work is leading somewhere awesome anyway. The Buddhist concept of "chop wood, carry water" is now your guiding mantra, as you find a grounding rhythm in the day in-day-out instead of always seeking grand new adventures.

Elle com gemini horoscope

Making new friends isn't always at the top of every Virgo's list, but in , it might just occupy the number-one spot. While it can be hard to navigate this much change at once, you've got every reason to stay optimistic. Your creativity has a peak moment on July 12, when a Cancer solar eclipse ignites your fifth house of self-expression and fame. Until November 8, , expansive Jupiter will be in Scorpio and your teamwork house, drawing you out of hermit mode and sparking fruitful new collaborations. These potent lunations will revamp your personal identity AND your partnerships. August 11 brings another Leo solar eclipse and the puzzle pieces will come together, and a clear picture of Leo 2. You just hosted tough taskmaster Saturn in your sign from December to December , and you deserve to recover. With globetrotting Jupiter in your third house of local action, you might branch out and move to a new part of town, or start exploring a "second city. Structured Saturn is in Capricorn for the next three years, bringing its regimented touch to your eighth house of merging, intimacy and joint ventures. See this person as a messenger rather than a managerial nightmare: Luckily, you could find a tribe of people who will hold you accountable and inspire you to think outside the box. There will be times when you feel held back by bureaucracy or a demanding and old-school boss. Interestingly, Jupiter is the sign of expansion, and many people gain a little extra padding and curviness during this Jupiter cycle, even when you work out and heap healthy food on your plate. Relationships are the key theme in for you, Cancer — and the landscape is a mix of both challenging and inspiring scenarios. Eclipses can bring surprise endings and beginnings, so if a source of income or emotional support is "eclipsed" away, rest assured that a new one will soon be coming in. The heaviness lifts — at last! You've weathered a tough few years, Pisces, but in , optimism and faith should be restored. Delegating to capable people could also lighten the load if you're feeling burdened by stress. For artists and makers, this Saturn cycle could prompt you to get more serious about the business side of your craft, maybe hiring an agent or displaying your work in a public space. You may even switch roles with a longtime mate, becoming the breadwinner or staying home with the kids, for example. Prepare to encounter stimulating people friends, neighbors, colleagues and material books, podcasts and classes — and maybe to make some media magic of your own. Aquarian parents might experience an empty nest or a need to create more healthy separation in your bonds. You're hosting structured Saturn in your tenth house of career from December 19, until December 17, , a three-year period that could position you for new levels of leadership, as long as you're willing to put in the work. With open-hearted and outspoken Jupiter in Scorpio and your communication house until November, even the hermit-like Virgos of the world could turn into master networkers. One special person might rise above the fray this summer, when a July 12 solar eclipse in Cancer whooshes into your committed relationship house. Jupiter here can bring inspiring new partners for both love and work. In the meantime, anchor yourself by tending to the practical parts of your life.

Elle com gemini horoscope

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  1. The Buddhist concept of "chop wood, carry water" is now your guiding mantra, as you find a grounding rhythm in the day in-day-out instead of always seeking grand new adventures. This transit kicks off a fresh decade-plus chapter where you could make a radical new start with everything from your job to your living situation to your relationship.

  2. If you've battled addictive or self-sabotaging tendencies, stalwart Saturn can help you work through these issues at a core level. Not that you can't have those too!

  3. These are not things that the go-getter Sagittarius embraces readily — you're a make-it-happen sign who stays constantly on the move. In February and July, the spotlight could call, while January and August could bring major dynamic-duo moments or a possible parting of ways.

  4. These moonbeams will raise your fiscal IQ and could bring some powerful shifts for your career.

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