Downriver grill spokane

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The current version, layered with smoky grilled bread, tangy balsamic bell pepper relish, brie and artichoke pesto, had even my mushroom-hating friend singing its praises. She says the artwork around the restaurant by local abstract artist Ben Joyce highlights Inland Northwest landscapes and landmarks. Even with a full house, our orders came out seamlessly. The cuisine is classic Northwest with an emphasis on seasonal specials and down home, from scratch cooking.

Downriver grill spokane

The new logo and branding is featured on the restaurant's menu, website, and a new sign outside. Kirsten Harrington is a Spokane freelance food writer. Its manager Beth McRae says the parking lot expansion will help relieve overflow parking onto residential streets around the restaurant. A neighborhood favorite is the incredibly rich and tender Osso Buco pork shank slow cooked in a reduced demi glaze. Downriver Grill is on a journey to become more contemporary while remaining faithful to its loyal customers. The Downriver grill is certainly an upriver experience! Norris says the restaurant recently hired four new employees due to a pickup in customers during the summer months, bringing its total staff to around 30 people. In addition to the interior upgrades, which included installing dark-wood accents throughout the eatery, the restaurant also received an exterior facelift with new paint, awnings, and new patio furniture, Norris says. Brined and then grilled, the pork is juicy, salty-sweet and has a hint of spice from the chorizo butter on top. Any talk of removing signature items like gorgonzola fries or the French dip sandwich is met with strong opposition — even death threats, Stoy said. Contact her at kharrington67 earthlink. Save room for made from scratch deserts including the Heaven sent Tiramisu! Downriver Grill has a full bar and plenty of beer and local wine choices. Now if only they would bring back the scallop and prawn caprese. Many of the changes so far are about fine tuning recipes and stepping up the quality of ingredients. Even with a full house, our orders came out seamlessly. You can expect to savor: All beef products are Certified Angus Beef. Thanks to sound-absorbing acoustics, we enjoyed a peaceful evening. For chicken lovers the Chicken Marsala with crimini mushrooms or Rosemary Grilled Chicken served over a sun-dried tomato pesto risotto might fill the bill. Across the street at The Flying Goat, which also is co-owned by Jonathan Sweatt, a parking lot expansion made room for more patrons of that establishment. The grill reserves a spot on my list of favorite places with attention to detail and quality ingredients in dishes that are accessible and affordable. So when I heard that Downriver Grill hired a new chef and was making some changes, I was concerned. I remember lunching there right after my older son was born, rocking a fussy newborn and soothing myself with gorgonzola fries. Also, she says The Downriver Grill has a new, more modern logo that plays off its location in the Audubon neighborhood located above the Spokane River.

Downriver grill spokane

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