Do you loose protein after sex

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Often, the relationship with the mother is affected as well, and the mother may be cold and unloving as a cause of masturbation, especially in boys. It definitely weakens the brain and nervous system. Repeated masturbation is a type of trauma, not unlike rape, in some ways. Bromelain is a mixture of compounds from pineapple and possesses volatile aromatics that appear to make semen taste like pineapple; this seems to occur at a cup of pineapple daily.

Do you loose protein after sex

For this reason, sexual fluid should be treated as very sacred and never ever wasted. If you have been masturbating, then I suggest eating an 8-ounce hamburger every other day — not overcooked it should be juicy - for at least three months to replenish some of the vitamins and minerals that are lost when you masturbate. For much more on this topic, read Rape on this website, a long and important core article, though not pleasant to contemplate. However, other factors also cause this feeling in men and women after sex. Ejaculation does indeed drain the body of a significant amount of nutrients. Sexual self-gratification, usually to orgasm. Repeated masturbation is a type of trauma, not unlike rape, in some ways. Masturbation causes a depletion of this special type of subtle energy each of us was born with that is required in order to live a long, healthy life. But it should never be wasted, ever, and regaining the energy takes months of sexual abstinence, in most cases, and eating red meat daily or almost daily. Instead of a hamburger, twice or three times weekly you may substitute about 8 ounces of lamb or another cut of beef such as roast beef or beef stew meat every other day for at least a few months. Muhammad Ali used to refrain from having sex for up to 6 weeks before a fight. Here is a typical one: For more, read Down Energy And Healing on this website. However, becoming ashamed and embarrassed is not that helpful. It is a behavior that provides some pleasure, but then weakens the person so that one craves more of the same behavior afterwards. It can be easier to live in a fantasy world than to handle life on more physical and emotional levels. It is more like a type of deep fatigue, mild stupor or trance state, and is not the same as real relaxation. The best idea is to stop it altogether. Do not be too ashamed or embarrassed about it, however. Boys and men that lose more fluid, for whatever reason, are more affected by masturbation or by regular sexual intercourse, for that matter, and will usually feel much more tired afterwards, and will experience more of the symptoms listed above if they ejaculate too often. Tremors in the hands and head. If you must do it now and then, it is not too bad if it is done once a month or less. Spinning the energy centers backwards feels good for a few seconds, but subtly weakens the entire aura or energy field of the body. One also often becomes more lazy, and thinking is definitely impaired. It is much worse if one does it often. Guest author David Carreras of MisterManpower.

Do you loose protein after sex

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