Crane naval depot

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The Crane Division is a leader in diverse and highly technical product lines such as microwave devices, acoustic sensors, small arms, microelectronic technology, as well as other products. Process improvement opportunities are chosen from this list of processes and pursued by process action teams chartered by the Quality Council. As of July , that number was down to 3,, reflecting a net loss of 1, jobs in nine years.

Crane naval depot

Significant mitigation measures would have to be taken to limit releases into waterway. The area was traversed by two state highways, a railroad, and a 66,volt electric power transmission line. Those jobs include people like Dave Benston, an Ohio-native and longtime Jasper resident who serves as a financial supervisor. The Activity's management holds two positions on the board. Many of the engraved stones are of native limestone and have eroded beyond legibility. Some of this depleted land was reoccupied during the depression, but living standards in the county were low and the local governments were unable to provide the required level of services. X-ray equipment is used in the nondestructive, real time testing of items such as 40mm mortar rounds to ensure quality products to the warfighter. In addition to producing ordnance materials, Crane began providing technical support for weapons systems, including logistics, in-service engineering, repair, and overhaul as well as design support. The Crane Division is one of five divisions of NSWC which maintains a full spectrum research, development, acquisition, test and evaluation and support capability for surface warfare combat and weapon systems and hull, mechanical, and electrical systems. The initial mission was to prepare, load, renovate, receive, store, and issue all types of ammunition, including pyrotechnics and illuminating projectiles, and to act as a principal source of supply at a most critical time--the early days of World War II. Assuming no economic recovery, this recommendation could result in a maximum potential reduction of jobs direct jobs and indirect jobs over the period in the Martin County, IN, economic area 4. The purpose of this organization is for the Activity to team with local businesses on projects that will aid both public and private industry. Near the peak of employment at Crane, in , the navy employed 4, Hoosiers at the base. Limestone rock needed for building construction was available. However, in , with the merger of the Bureau of Ordnance and the Bureau of Aeronautics into the Bureau of Weapons BUWEPS , Crane was assigned responsibility for providing scientific and engineering support to new BUWEPS product areas owing to its "quality evaluation laboratory" resources and its ordnance production engineering experience. A formal Quality Council was established to oversee the efforts to improve quality throughout the entire organization. Crane AAA might need upgrades to industrial wastewater treatment to handle additional lead wastes. The Navy was storing and servicing many tons of ammunition and explosives left from World War I. Dedication of the White River Project was held on 15 September A variety of special lifting devices allows workers to easily handle objects as large as 1,pound bombs. Army Industrial Operations Command, a major subordinate command of the U. For many years, quality at the Activity was achieved through a formal quality assurance program. As a result of these efforts, employment rose to nearly 2, by , with a large portion of the increase made up of young engineers, scientists, and technicians. Crane has enhanced its potential to serve the Navy well into the future by such actions as recruiting and training the very best personnel, acquiring state of the art equipment and facilities, and development of modern management practices. In , the Army assumed control of ordnance production and transportation.

Crane naval depot

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