Com have house looking sex wife

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However, he has moved on and forgiven himself, whereas the question of me forgiving him never really occurred to me since I imagined that it must somehow have been partly my fault that he had strayed. Regrettably, I had a "revenge" fling, which led to my wife becoming depressed. At what point did the bad feelings inside regiment themselves into a neatly paginated plan of action? He is a lovely, popular guy, and I don't want to fall out with him but he consistently evades his share of household tasks, while refusing to change his habits. Or will I pay off my house and fight her for custody?

Com have house looking sex wife

Even while she was at college I was kind of playing the field. He and I have a better life together now because he was shocked at what he learned about himself as a result of being unfaithful. She was repentant - as your wife seems to be - and she did her best to work at our marriage. I have plenty of offers from interested women for sex. I would hate to think that my wife would benefit financially from me. I don't need love. I love sex but she doesn't. The agony eased as a result. I also slept with this woman when I was younger. We split up a few times but ended up married. Am I wrong doing this? Name and address withheld Focus on the good things Try looking at yourself and your own attitudes, feelings and actions, rather than just at your wife's infidelity. Of course you were shocked and devastated - so was I when a similar thing happened to me - but beware of taking the moral high ground. However, I had to read your letter over and over again because I couldn't make sense of it, and then I realised that there are a lot of contradictions in it which need to be addressed. If you wish to grow from what happened, rather than let the affair create ever more barriers between you, you need to take action. The wife concedes that their sex has "tapered", but that term hardly seems adequate to describe a drastic reduction from once every 42 hours to once every What can we do? An individual may still need professional help even if he does not feel that it is necessary. She has her life, I have mine. I've tried everything to convince her to get our sex life back on track but to no avail. Blame and guilt are very destructive in a relationship, and if you cling on to this resentment, you risk losing her. I want her to suffer because I'm suffering. I've tried getting her to move out but no. One final point - of course you are paying for sex with the girl with whom you have it. Hiding a problem from those around you neither increases nor decreases the chances that you will work things out.

Com have house looking sex wife

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  1. It may sound trivial, but one of my housemates keeps piles of dirty plates and cutlery - ours as well as his own - in his room for weeks on end.

  2. Linda Blair Despite your attempts to convince yourself that all is well between the two of you now, the harm caused by your wife's affair has not yet been repaired.

  3. She's not wife material but good for a bit of fun when I need it and she is a willing participant. Someone prettier that I'd be happy to be seen with - my wife has slipped a bit over the years.

  4. I can honestly say that if I had sex more often that I'd live as I am for the foreseeable future. Obsession is destructive and stultifying.

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