Color climax teen sex movie galleries

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This was documented by the danish television channel TV2 in two reports on child pornography. In , you still could get porn with Thus it has never been legal to produce pornographic material in Denmark using children under the age of 15 as models in adult situations. As I noted in the Tove discussion, it's not unusual for the government to charge adult images as child porn.

Color climax teen sex movie galleries

There is 11 years of Danish history that hasnt been researched or recorded here. Many may fear even now legal prosecution, I doubt that this will ever happen. Therefore, I don't know what to think about. We have covered this. These types of reports are not sitting on the FBI's website, they sit in court files. The parents could have issue a legal complaint, e. Moreover, there should have been legal complaints 20 years later, even if it was legal at the times, the victims, once grown-up, would have complained and sure, it would have been reported, on tv, on newspapers That book now out of print included detailed evidence that CCC had commerically produced child pornography for a limited period ending probably around I have however not seen the films, so I am not sure if it is German, but I am pretty sure they might have done the same thing in the Netherlands Dutch -- Borg punk talk I want to add: I am pretty sure the dubbed versions was made for the German market. Video Art Holland never produced cp! But I doubt, that CCC produced cp after 80 in other countries. And for what is stated above, I am deeply confused. If you ever visit Denmark, you will still notice that most people speak and understand english, and even children to a certain level. The age of consent was lowered in DK from 16 to 15 in , if I remember correctly. And dutch dealers sold it back via mail to danish "customers". My girlfriend never heard something about this in and It isnt true, that it wasnt outlawed until The pre's porn films that involved prepubescent children still qualify as CP under a general definition even though they were legal in Denmark at the time. The facts of the mentioned danish TV docu, arent mentioned and verified in the US or dutch specialist press. Why did CCC not volunteer their names? The Color Climax article states that Tove Jensen images can currently be found on the Color Climax web site, and the article links to said web site. As of February , "External links modified" talk page sections are no longer generated or monitored by InternetArchiveBot. Because many companys exported to the USA, who already had an 18 age limit. Indeed, she does look really young and it's not a surprise if she could have been mistakenly seen as underage. Even if there was no law for child porn in DK in the 70, even if it was "allowed" to have child under 15 in porn movie, I can't believe things like that could have been pre-teen filmed being raped by adults.

Color climax teen sex movie galleries

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  1. As sad as this is. If I would name one, they would sue me, because they legally hadnt something to do with this.

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