Cadet sex video scandal hits defence

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The Defence Force has been working hard to improve its image after the Skype scandal when a male cadet recorded himself having sex with a female cadet without her consent. A Defence spokesman confirmed that a member of the Australian military had been charged with alleged sexual offences. Sex scandal hits Australian military Documents obtained through freedom of information laws show 'major breaches of discipline in the armed forces'.

Cadet sex video scandal hits defence

The army chief said he had no explanation for the scandal, which he took responsibility for, saying: Police said the alleged victim contacted them to report that a man known to her had sexually assaulted her before fleeing, the Herald Sun reported. Waning reputation The revelations add to the unwanted reputation the military has gained with the Australian Defence Force stung in recent years by a string of allegations, some decades old, of abusive and sexist behaviour in its ranks. The culture of the army is in my hands during my tenure and I'm doing as much as I humanly can to improve it. That incident sparked several inquiries, including one into the treatment of women in the armed forces that in November reported "widespread low-level sexual harassment" at Australia's premier military college. The soldier has been arrested and charged with raping a year-old woman at Canberra's Royal Military College, Duntroon on Friday. World Three Australian Defence Force personnel have been suspended over a series of "very inappropriate emails and imagery" that denigrate women. April 7, , 3: Claims against the defence force came to a head last year with a report into incidents on board the supply ship HMAS Success in finding a sexually predatory and boozy culture, concealed through silence and fear. The Australian military has been rocked by a sex scandal after a year-old soldier was arrested over the alleged rape of a civilian woman at a military college. Morrison said he was "appalled at this situation", which came to light on April The incident comes just weeks after the military handed down wide-ranging reviews of Defence culture, including how to handle sexual abuse and the treatment of women. Sex scandal hits Australian military Documents obtained through freedom of information laws show 'major breaches of discipline in the armed forces'. It said on Thursday that more than incidents had been reported in the last year, from weapons mishaps to sexual assault, especially in the Navy where allegations of misconduct on four warships are being investigated. Channel Seven News said the documents also contained "a handful of child porn charges, drug dealing, and rape allegations", without going into details. Police later located a man in the grounds of Duntroon and charged him with two counts of sexual intercourse without consent. Lieutenant General David Morrison says the text and images demean women but he would not elaborate on the contents of the emails. Soon after, a female soldier in Brisbane reported seeing a camera placed underneath the screen of her shower cubicle. Seven months later, a senior officer on the same vessel was reported to police for video-taping sexual encounters he had with junior sailors. About pages of documents obtained by Channel Seven News under the freedom of information laws detail what it called "ongoing, often major, breaches of discipline in Australia's armed forces". On the vessel HMAS Toowoomba, a female sailor complained of indecent assault, bullying, and harassment, including a so-called "Beer Bounty" being placed on her: It's understood the material includes imagery falling into three categories - some images of women are accompanied by offensive commentary, some have been digitally altered to be explicit and some show naked women. Among them, alleged sexual assaults on two navy ships have been referred to police. The charges come in the wake of the Australian Defence Force Academy so-called 'skype scandal' last year, in which an year-old cadet alleged she had been filmed and broadcast without her knowledge during a consensual sexual encounter. Lieutenant General Morrison says the latest episode is worse than the Skype incident due to the seniority of the personnel involved. The highest ranking officer is a lieutenant-colonel while the others are either majors, captains, warrant officers, sergeants or corporals.

Cadet sex video scandal hits defence

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  1. The army is facing a major internal crisis following the discovery of the "highly inappropriate, explicit and "profane" material sent across defence computer systems and the public internet over the past three years. Sex scandal hits Australian military Documents obtained through freedom of information laws show 'major breaches of discipline in the armed forces'.

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