Bully archetype

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Imitative bully May have low self esteem or be depressed. Bully is the boss who uses threats rather than cooperation. We may have found ourselves playing the part of the bully or the role of victim.

Bully archetype

He might be a bully because he wishes to boost his self-esteem—by demeaning others, he feels powerful. It is important to look at ways you have encountered the bully archetype in your life, and how can you heal from that. But what we do with the energy is what transforms our world. Girls, even smart ones, are also capable of bullying. They pick a target usually one who they know will never fight back and abuse the poor person repeatedly. Issues such as a lack of or not fully developed self esteem are prominent in our society, particularly at the level of school age bullying. Finding a healthy balance of confidence, self worth and value in ourselves and encouraging it in others is living the golden rule and can be an aid to peace in our lives. In order to remind you again of the fabulous prize, and because I did promise to do a series on archetypes, I now present a blog on one of the popular archetypes in media: But what is key to realize is that underneath the bully exterior, is frailty and fear. In the end, however, with help from other people, he becomes one of the good guys. He is also likely to be bullied. The most important is examining ways that you may have unknowingly embodied the victim archetype. He could simply be arrogant and narcissistic—seeing himself as superior and everyone else as fodder for his domination. Bully in the home gives way to bully on the outside. In recent experiences I've had, I simply called the bullies out on their shadow. Bully could be the mother who demands her daughter dress and speak a certain way. It starts in the family of origin. He also gets Harry and his friends in trouble by tattling to their teachers, or making up stories about them. Have you allowed the victim archetype to manifest and you quietly slip away without standing up for yourself? This is a universal pattern or one small example out of thousands of archetypal expressions. Archetypes are scattered everywhere in media. Still, some things are enduring. We have anti bullying campaigns, YouTube videos on bullying, and a government website dedicated to stopping the behavior. Expect this introduction at every archetype spotlight article. If depressed may need other intervention.

Bully archetype

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  1. If someone patiently and compassionately explains the situation, the individual will change the behavior. If depressed may need other intervention.

  2. Many writers use archetypes because they provide a guide for the readers to understand the storyline better. People of all ages need to understand actions and consequences and learn to self moderate behavior.

  3. The programs intact to report and help prevent bullying are important, and I believe that is a fact. Bully is the teacher who yells, reprimands, punishes.

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