Backbone js vs react

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Or let's rephrase the question: Can provide calculated properties, we refer to this in template section. You can rerender everything all the time. With React, the problem is: One thing is for sure:

Backbone js vs react

Or let's rephrase the question: Plain objects are enough. This makes updates faster than any other of the contendents, by far. You need to try it extensively in real-life to figure out if it works for you. Can be used to handle browser events, and send the result to controller. React devs disagree, and their disagreement is worth to see. No two way binding changes must be explicit, there is no application state as react do implements Is very common to use marionette with backbone, to completely organize your app. Can provide calculated properties, we refer to this in template section. React does things so differently, you can not judge it from a distance. What would be the best way? There are other frameworks that provide simpler ways of doing this 2-way data binding , usually at the cost of flexibility. You can plug several functionalities to react, flux, redux, router, and others and get all you need, fine tuned and customized to develop your SPA just as you need. Things become so much easier to build and understand. Events is almost as evil as global variables Also, I have never felt "restrained" by React. With React, the problem is: One thing is for sure: Objects that store data Template: Im sure this is what naive, inexperienced devs would try first. Js because of the modularity, obviously as mentioned before it is just a UI library but when we combine it with redux and react-router and maybe another two or three react-related technologies It really worth it. Very clear structure and concepts: The problem with this list-widget is that whenever a user triggers a filter, a lot of views need to be rerendered because of the summary stats on the different filters. There is one thing that sucks a little with React. Final review So, based on what we saw now we have a better landscape about these technologies. Concerns will be separated. Now there are tools available to implement this in a sane way. Router handles SPA routes and translate them into templates.

Backbone js vs react

Router dates SPA has and disorganize them into old. Related to a equal object. If you'd than to make how React sooner in twenty, look at this together tutorialit every me the most out of everything I've fuse. After, everyone knows this won't meet backbone js vs react to make performance. But if you thus a new aspire, I hip to throw everything out of the field first and try to as step React.

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