Ask a police officer

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Who or what are the biggest inspirations for your career? On Chicago's North Shore, law enforcement is a little more high profile than working in the city. What are some of the contributions in law enforcement makes to society? Describe a typical week of work for you. I'm not really into guns, like some guys who get into the field.

Ask a police officer

It's also more political. Policeman sometimes are looked at by the public as the bad guys. When I was a kid, I always wanted to be a cop. Students should go out and get their hands dirty. Sexual predators on the Internet are also an issue. Another time, a car was broken down, and I used it to tighten up the battery cable so they could be on their way. Stay true to yourself, stay genuine and treat others how you want to be treated. There are a few departments that require a bachelor's degree. A lot of times, being able to write a report is as important as how you have to be careful and watch your back on the street. It was posted on the bulletin board at the community college I was going to. But if you're catching people when they are being naughty, you can prevent a car accident. Stay in great physical condition, because there is a physical aspect to the job. They were bad peopleā€¦ it was cool that we caught them. If you like culture and race and ethnicity and equal rights, then this might be the major for you. Sure, there are prejudiced people, even a couple within my own department. Some officers become jaded and bitter from dealing with bad guys, the shift work and the loss of family time. I offered the students more insight on what police work is all about, kind of what I'm doing now. I've had to work nights for most of my career, and getting your body to adjust is a tough challenge. My career has been challenging. A year old was in the store, buying milk for his mom, and there was a donation jar on the counter for a police fund. You're always tired, a little more irritable. I kind of just ran across my police job. Helping people is very rewarding: Sociology seemed to fit into those interests. Jason, who is African-American, doesn't have much tolerance when it comes to forms of prejudice. You're in the public eye.

Ask a police officer

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  1. There are a few departments that require a bachelor's degree. We also get out of the patrol car and meet with the public, check in with the businesses to make sure we have the right information about them on file and update records, to make contact with store owners and managers and the public.

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