Airbound winston

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But unlike One Eye who kills at first for fun but later just to feed his newborns , Winston is much more despicable, crueler and takes a lot of fun to hurt others. History For a long time, Winston has been known to have sown fear in the hearts of all those who had the misfortune of crossing the path of the white weasel, whose name alone frightened many people. The few mice including Rusty still in the water are quickly damaged by their assailant and find themselves surrounded on a piece of wood. Winston refuses to believe that this is the end while the wave engulfs them. Winston tries to get rid of Gavin until the rest of the mice attack, biting him everywhere.

Airbound winston

With Clarence's death, Winston sends his troops to attack the mice. This can't be end. Add a photo to this gallery Trivia Winston is quite similar to One Eye: He never shows fear or worry, proving a high opinion of himself, which drives him to underestimate his adversaries, sometimes even with contempt. The end of the White Weasel. Winston sends his army against the lair of mice. Gallery Winston sends telepathic order to his weasels to finish Clarence. That's when Gavin goes out to fight the weasels all alone, which Winston calls brave and foolish at the same time. Unfortunately, Winston manages to come back to the surface and becomes completely enraged. Winston tries one last time to kill Gavin. Winston looks one last time Gavin and Shelly raised to the surface before finally drowned, ending the tyranny of the white weasel forever. The white belete smiles sadistically, while psychically ordering a weasel to hit Clarence at sea, drowning him. Winston admits to being impressed and Gavin tells him that he has not seen anything yet before jumping on the weasel who is trying to scratch him but he manages to dodge and finds himself trapping him, calling the white weasel too slow to catch a mouse before running again. Gamba to Nakama-tachi or Air Bound in the English version. Winston struggles and manages to get rid of the two birds then Clarissa tries to hit him but the white weasel catches him and starts strangling him but Gavin, still clinging to his head, makes him let go by biting his nose, allowing to Clarissa to attack him with four other birds that push him at high speed deep within the abyss. Deep in the ocean, knowing that its end is near, Winston tries one last time to finish with Gavin. As he struggles, a huge wave arrives on the mice and the weasel and then begins to attract them. At dawn, with the disappearance of their leader, the remaining weasels return to the shore of Dream Island while being slightly hunted by the birds. All of a sudden, Winston announces a peace ceremony and the weasels begin to dance and Winston invite his enemies to dance with them all by launching a wave hypnotic eyes that mesmerize the majority of mice. One day, a mouse named Rusty met Winston and survived but received many scars and left her traumatized by this encounter. As the hypnotized begins to almost reach the water's edge, Clarence the leader of the Dream Island mice, reaches the shore and bites a weasel who in turn attacks him until Winston tells him to stop before order the other weasels to stop the dance, which stops hypnotism. A wounded and overpowered Clarence warns his comrades not to be fooled by the weasels before facing Winston to tell him that he will never cheat them again and that even after he's gone, Winston lose. At one point, Winston and his weasels arrived on Dream Island and began to terrorized mice that live on the island forcing them to hide to the rocky shores, the weasels also attacked native birds, destroying many of their eggs in the process. Winston refuses to believe that this is the end while the wave engulfs them. He is the evil and manipulative leader of an army of weasels whose goal is to oppress the mice and worse yet.

Airbound winston

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