A disrespectful husband

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Did he lead the family in devotions? The next time your husband stubbornly drives in circles, ask yourself what is more important—being on time to the party or his feeling trusted. A wife that respects her man is a wife that is dearly loved. This all goes along with giving your husband the benefit of the doubt.

A disrespectful husband

Take every opportunity to praise your husband. But, one small gesture that I can do everyday to show my husband respect is to simply stop and listen. And, of course, our attention is not all benign. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him. Let there be no filthiness nor foolish talk nor crude joking, which are out of place, but instead let there be thanksgiving. You know that he can be kind, but something right now is going on in his mind that is causing some sort of anger and bitterness to spill over. Click To Tweet Several men confessed that they felt like their opinions and decisions were actively valued in every area of their lives except at home. Most of us wives understand that our husband needs food and intimacy. Consider this statement, which I have heard in essence from many men: Three of their strongest desires in my opinion would be respect, intimacy and food. The disconnect In my interviews, a large number of men said something like this: The next time your husband stubbornly drives in circles, ask yourself what is more important—being on time to the party or his feeling trusted. Some men felt that their comrades at work trusted their judgment more than their own wives did. Then, remember to have your own open conversation as well. Ultimately, we are really seeking to please Christ, not our husbands. Being disrespected by someone so close to you is always going to be very hurtful. Nothing makes a man feel disrespected more than a wife that pushes away his physical advances. Enjoying the physical part of the marriage is one of the most powerful ways to let your husband know he has your respect. Your friend will need to be someone who can hear your story, and without judging or becoming consumed with mama-bear anger for you, give you the advice that you need to hear. He is our final Judge and Audience. Just try it for yourself! So if he needs it, and we promised to give it, then we need reminders on how to respect him every single day. And if they can, they feel like they have conquered something and are affirmed as men. They can pray with you to give you strength in a hard situation and they can even be the one to help you find someone to intervene on your behalf. How to Handle Disrespect in Marriage January 25, Please keep in mind that this post is not intended for those who seeking help with a physically abusive relationship. See if this assumption rings a bell.

A disrespectful husband

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